How much does it cost to develop a mobile app? – This is a common questions asked by the business owners when they are planning to develop a mobile app for their business. There are many factors that are taken into consideration while answering this question. Some of the common ones that can help in determining the cost of the app are: What features would be there in the app? On which platform would it be built? Who is developing the app?

Do you really want to build a “decent” app for your business? Unless you are an experienced programmer, app creation is not an easy process. You would need to invest in for hiring a designer, programmer and tester. You should also take into consideration the additional costs.

Hiring the right app developer:
The hourly charges of hiring the developers would depend on many other factors. There are many freelancers and established mobile app development companies. It is important to hire the right developer for building the app.

Many business owners make the mistake of hiring inexperienced developers and they repent later on. One should never compromise on quality for the price. Cheaper developers can produce poor quality work or even take a longer time to complete the project. If low quality work is delivered to you, you may need to get it fixed or redone. When you search for mobile app developers, look for the ones who have a proven track record of developing the app. It is important that the programmer you hire has at least 3 to 4 years of experience in the industry.

What kind of app are you developing?
There are different types of apps that can be built for various categories and industries. The app can be built for education, entertainment, utility, social networking, business, etc. There are different types of enterprise apps also that can help your business grow.

What platform do you choose for app development?
You can develop apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows platform. Depending on your requirements and the targeted users, you can select the best platform. One can seek professional assistance to pick the right platform for developing mobile app.

Additional costs to consider:
1) Testing is an important part of any app development project. The cost you would need to pay for testing the app would depend on the size and complexity of the app. Most of the mobile app development companies include the cost of testing in the quote while some charge hourly fees.

2) You would need to pay a certain amount to get the app submitted to the App store. You may also require server support and maintenance costs.

3) While getting the estimate for the app development, you should consider the cost of marketing also. This would help you plan your budget in a better way.

There are lot of decisions that you would need to take if you have decided to develop a mobile app. Talk to the developers and try to get a proper estimate before you sign a deal.

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