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Hire Developers for Startup

Startups are very often a powerhouse of transformation and value generation. Very often startups fail to hit the mark or get the ground running due to a lack of development support. When a founder with a non-technology background wants to transform an idea into a high-performance app, it is important to hire a developer for a Startup.

However, it is not easy to hire an expert developer. Hiring developers for your startup requires deciphering specialization in programming languages, domain knowledge, work cultures, and more.

The stage of your startup’s lifecycle, your projects, available funding, and even location influence the optimal choices on how to hire programmers.

Here is how Startups Need Constant Nurturing Across Different Stages:

Seed Stage

A startup development company can assist you to devise a Business Consulting approach and extensive business plan to get MVP. A dedicated developers team will help you discover business opportunities, MVP design, and development, as well as blueprint development for smooth distribution of the product.

  • Idea validation
  • Brainstorming
  • Product discovery (blueprint)
  • MVP design & development
  • Fundraising Support

Expansion Stage

This stage requires a full range of product lifecycle services for startups to achieve scalability. The focus is not just MVP but achieving growth and framing everything in the context for long-term growth.

  • Quick Team Augmentation
  • Architectural Improvement
  • Performance Optimization
  • Usability Assessment
  • Technology Audit

Scale/Hyper Growth Stage

Growth hacking to reach the next level of growth, increased retention, conversion & innovation by data-driven implementation.

  • Re-engineering
  • Personalization & Intelligence
  • DevOps
  • Test Automation
  • Compliances

Here are Different Technology and App Development Services for Startups

Technology Consulting

Every startup needs technology consulting services right from different stages from ideation to final product development. A startup will require support to discover and implement technologies with the potential of the highest impact on long-term growth. Technology Consulting services can help understand the pulse of digital transformation to gain an advantage.

Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

Startups need help to build MVP with a minimal set of features needed just to learn from early adopters. During this stage, a dedicated IT partner understands the need of clients and implement measures for project success. Focused on gaining an early advantage, it is important to determine product benefits, develop for release in the market and iterate to minimize costs.

Development & Testing

Expert developers empower startups to move to the next level of development & testing for launch focused on quick time-to-market, fewer defects, optimum performance, and reduced costs. Additionally, expert QA engineers can plan release in a systematic phase-wise manner of the product, as well as rigorous testing.

Product Reengineering

Expert developers can assist companies in re-engineer products in order to get an edge in fiercely competitive business environments. Product re-engineering services ensure that your product swiftly moves through the complete software development lifecycle.

Maintenance & Support

Startups can get support for multiple applications and maintenance services to deliver next-gen services to enterprises. Experts specialize in the modernization of critical applications to optimize performance and enhance functionality.

Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation services complement your startup’s unique business objectives and technical needs. A key strength of a dedicated team lies in the ability to identify the best developers with the ideal blend of technical skills and experience to help your startup reach its full potential.

Hire a Programmer for a Startup: Options Ahead

There are mainly three ways on how to hire a developer for a startup: going with freelancers, building up an in-house squad, or outsourcing the work to dedicated teams.


Freelance developers can help startups to quickly and exactly meet demands. Post-pandemic, several businesses realize the importance of working remotely. It can also be easier on your budget since offshore devs are cost-effective. However, freelancers do not offer the expertise required across the lifecycle of application development.


Hiring an in-house team of developers comes with its own advantages such as identifying developers aligning with the culture of the company. The inherent problem with in-house staff is that it requires your fixed budget (a challenge if your funding is low) or a constant flow of work to keep them busy for the entire work hours.

Dedicated Team

Startups seeking reliable support for all development needs can partner with a trusted mobile application company offering a dedicated development team based on project requirements. You are hiring extremely qualified professionals, specializing in niche technologies with domain knowledge.

What’s more important is that you can quickly scale up or ramp down a team based on workflow and get access to UI/UX, QA engineers, developers, and business analysts. It’s also important that you find a development partner that provides experience in your industry with a proven record and/or rich portfolio.

Quick Tips Before you Find a Developer for Your Startup

  • Vet your candidates. You don’t want to waste time with bad hiring decisions. Always insist on taking multiple interviews, as well as technical tests to hire talented developers.
  • Don’t limit yourself to local developers. Regions like India have extremely talented developers and a well-established IT industry. As a result, talented developers are available at affordable rates. Outsourcing is the key.
  • Know what you’re looking for. Always know what you are looking for in terms of tech stack. While early-stage startups may not be clear, relatively established startups have a clear path to find the right talent.

Why Hire a Developer for a Startup from Hidden Brains?

Technical Architect Consulting

We are your technical consultant, who can help you strategically find the right technical solutions to your startup business

Hire Developers for your Niche Projects

Hire dedicated architects to get a highly effective solution, especially for complex technical projects and large-scale tasks.

Quick Onboarding of Technology Experts

Hire dedicated on-site developers who provide flexibility based on your business needs depending on your business requirements for different niches and emerging technologies.

Professional Developers for Critical Situation

Whether you have a major bug, performance issues, or need a complete overhaul of your application, our team is always on your side.

19+ experience

Work experience of over 19 years. Hire a specialized developer for a startup with domain knowledge, industry best practices, and technical excellence.

Hire Developers for Your Startup: Technology Expertise

Hire Remote PHP Developer
Hire Remote Codeigniter Developer
Hire Remote Laravel Developer
Hire Remote WordPress Developer
Hire Remote Shopify Developer
Hire Remote NodeJs Developer
Hire Remote AngularJS Developer
Hire Remote React Native Developer
Hire Remote Android App Developer
Hire Remote iOS App Developer
Hire Remote Swift Developer
Hire Remote Flutter Developer
Hire Remote ASP.NET Developer
Hire Remote C# Developer
Hire Remote Xamarin Developer
Hire Remote UI/UX Designer


Remember, there are several ways a startup can get support in iOS or Android app development. It is important to be agile and dynamic when it comes to changes. As a founder of a startup, the key to success is delegating and outsourcing development to experienced developers.

This will help you focus on critical aspects of your business such as new business development, client management, marketing, and more. As a founder, outsourcing will offer you more value.

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