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Enterprise Technology Consulting Services


Hidden Brains offers full spectrum of business and technology consulting services to give you practical advice on how to run a better, more profitable business. We assist enterprises that are looking to exploit new technology-driven opportunities. Our technology consultants provide an unmatched breadth of support to address challenges of operational efficiency, international expansion, technology and business management.

Our business consulting services are led by functional and industry experts for each domain that we operate in. These professionals help clients in achieving accelerated growth by making correct decisions with respect to formulating business strategy and managing productivity enhancement drive.

  • Validate Expansion Opportunities
  • Technology Adoption
  • Accelerate Technology Change
  • Application Development Efficiency
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Process & Product Innovation



Our CapabilitiesExperience the latest in Enterprise Technology Consulting Solutions.

Our business & technical consultants cultivate the culture of innovation to scale business to new heights. We work closely with clients to understand their business and decide on the technique or strategy that addresses innovation challenge. Our innovation consulting experts guide enterprises to manage expectations through exploration of new options for growth.

We can help you to:

  • Identify opportunities for growth
  • Derive meaningful insights from vast amount of data
  • Transform insights into innovative business concepts
  • Nurture innovative ideas to drive through execution phase

Proof of concept (PoC) is the best way to demonstrate feasibility of idea or vision and verify whether the concept has potential to meet the required expectations. Hidden Brains team of business analysts and solution architects work to prepare mockups in form of PoC. In case of complex products, we define Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that gives a tangible realization of the final product vision.

Our PoC and MVP are built to:

  • Identify technical challenges or logical issues that might block the road to implementation
  • Expose potential risks involved in the execution of project
  • Introduce transparency between client’s expectations and practically deliverable solution to avoid miscommunication
Btc Proof of concept

Hidden Brains understands that ‘change’ is the only means to survive in cut-throat competitive market. We help clients take the advantage of fast changing technology and advancements. Our technology change management is the way to maximize long term return on investment (ROI) through seamless transition from current to new technology in business operations.

Experience a rapid rise in productivity and efficiency through our technology change management services that helps to realize a compelling futuristic vision of technology. Get ready to optimize internal capability of organization to match the rapid and concurrent market scenario. We help you to get maximum returns from technology investments.

Blueprint & User Narrative

Hidden Brains blueprint and user narrative service aims to clearly communicate client requirement with technical implementation to reduce rework and align business with IT strategy. Blueprints help clients to identify the scope and analyze gaps by visualizing the system before its actual development.

  • Analyze end user information
  • Prepare scenarios and story board to develop a workflow
  • Define customer journey with all the touch points via blueprints

Solution Options

Handling IT challenges and trying to cope up with them internally is a major distraction for most companies hampering their core business activities. To reduce this burden of IT companies, Hidden Brains leverages its expertise and helps businesses to transform with its secure and efficient methods.

  • Industry based custom ERP solutions
  • Ecommerce solution
  • Educations systems
  • IoT based solutions

Technology Options

Hidden Brains understands your specific business needs and suggests right technologies to draft a successful roadmap for your system. Our consultants suggest technology stack or solution to achieve maximum ROI. Along with consultation, we even architect the database and full tech stack for your business systems.

  • Open source and proprietary technology solutions
  • PHP based CMS and MVC frameworks
  • MySQL and MongoDB database
Btc technology change management

Internet of Things

Drive growth through new products and services focused on the Internet of Things through our IoT innovation & strategy consulting.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence consulting to help organizations explore machine learning technologies and build breakthrough AI products.


Build a blockchain roadmap for your business and gain first-mover advantage regarding the evolving terrain of decentralized currency.


Cloud Strategy and Consulting Services to accelerate the leap to the cloud, transform IT and reduce operational costs.


Develop cognitive capabilities to offer customised Chatbot solutions for the next level of elevating the customer experience.

Consulting with Hidden BrainsConsulting to identify the best technology solutions involving strategy, design & delivery.

btc cons img1


  • Enhancing product capabilities
  • Accelerating or boosting product performance
  • Addition of new features & functionalities
btc cons img2


  • Improve efficiency and security
  • Optimize IT costs with utilization of latest technologies
  • Get actionable insights on current solution offerings
btc cons img3


  • Revise operations to deliver business value
  • Alignment of business strategies & operations
  • Identify scope of innovation and implementation plan

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