An idea drives an app. But sometimes having an idea is not enough, it is critical to have an elevator pitch. For those wondering what an elevator pitch is all about- in a nutshell it your app’s mission statement.

Crafting an effective elevator pitch will help you take a next step forward. Elevator pitch could probably make a difference and help you seize the opportunity. If you craft an innovative elevator speech it will inspire trust about idea and help listeners to want to learn more about your idea. Whether it is for your target audience or investors, elevator pitch is an effective business tool to communicate your idea to the world—the elevator pitch. For several companies offering mobile app development services, it is one of the most important aspects that will determine the success of your mobile app.

No matter you are in ideation, design or mobile app development phase, you should have an elevator pitch with you at all times.

Here are the five essential steps to creating one:

What your Mobile App Does

This is the most important question, what is your app all about? You need to define your app’s purpose. This will be your app’s goal statement in the most concise and appealing manner. This is a very simple and straightforward question and you need to answer it as clearly as possible. One of the most important tips is to stay simple and not complicate matters.

Make it Focused on Benefits

Always keep in mind that people listening to your elevator speech just want to know what’s in for them. Make your elevator pitch benefits oriented and not just features oriented. Tell users what makes your app special; in short tell users about your app’s main unique selling proposition.

Be Concise and Clear

Rise above the fluff and go straight to the point as your elevator pitch should not last for more than a couple of minutes. Because you can’t afford to waste even a minute. Write down everything on a piece of paper, read it through and knock out elements that sound superficial and don’t add any meaning to your speech.

Keep editing mercilessly till you’ve got the speech down to just few bullet points or sentences. Remember, your goal should be to entice the listener to learn more and not tell long story. Stay focused on the core message and not details like how and where you got the idea.

Stay Away from Jargon

Elevator pitch last for few minutes and sometimes just seconds. The last thing you want is to confuse your users, target audience or potential investors with tech speak or industry jargon. Your elevator pitch should be easy-to-understand even for non-technical audience. So avoid using acronyms or industry jargon that the average person might fail to understand.

One-size Does not Fit All

If you think just one variation of elevator pitch would be enough, you are mistaken. Well, you need to customize your speech depending on your situation and the people you are addressing. So focus on creating a common point and working up ways to customize your speech for particular situations.

Make it Easy to Visualize

The best elevator speeches are a visual treat and easy to relate. Use words that evoke image and help connect with your idea. As you don’t have the luxury of time on your side, it is equally important to engage with your audience. Try using humor to get the conversation going.

Be Clear & Focused

Always be clear about what you have in mind and your goal. Once your final goal is clear, you would be able to express information in a clear and concise manner that will add value to your proposition. On the other hand, stay away from gimmicks and making false promise. Remember, your integrity is at stake.


You may think your app idea is a revolutionary with a potential to change the world. However, avoid making such statements as it is bound to alienate users and investors alike. Instead, try to explain the problem your app can solve.

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