Cool eBook Apps

Do you love sitting in a corner and reading books, whenever and wherever you get spare time? Do you love to carry your favorite books along with you, wherever you go. But, sometimes it is not possible to carry books along with you. Don't worry, now there is a solution for that as well. Yes, we are talking about smartphone apps. There are lots of amazing e-book apps available at the app stores. Some of the best are listed here.


Keeping track of all the books one has read can be a difficult task for those who read constantly. However, this amazing app allows the user to categorize all the books that he has read, while keeping track of the dates when reading the book was started and finished. It also aggregates the reading patterns of the user, on the basis of his annual reading, weekly reading and ratings distribution. The app also enables the user to set a reading goal for himself and see whether or not he is on-track to achieve the goal, by the end of the year.


This one is a must have app for all the book lovers. With this app, the users can quickly add books to their “To-Read” shelf on the go. It also enables the users to rate and review various book. The readers can also keep track of their current and past read books to generate a list of suggested books for others. The user may also join groups to share his literary thoughts, or suggest a book to others in his friend list on Facebook and Twitter. GoodReads is also an ideal tool for book bloggers as it allows them to set their reviews to automatically post to the blog.


People who really love reading will definitely want to know which book they will be reading next. This app helps the readers for the same, by providing him with titles and covers of some recommended books that he might find appealing in the future. He can search through certain categories, such as 'modern bestselling titles' to find the perfect book to start reading next. The recommended books include the top selling books in a variety of categories.

So just get your app, and carry your favorite books along with you, wherever you go. You may also hire developer to get even better e-reader apps as per your requirements.

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