Android 9 Pie: Latest Version Android

Google continues it sweet treat. It is official now Android 9 will be called Android Pie. This latest version android mobile operating system will be rolled out to select smartphones. Android Pie shifts the focus on artificial intelligence, which will power the user experience on the OS.

Android 9 Pie is a feature-rich update, with subtle design improvements, helpful shortcuts, and a big focus on AI through adaptive settings. Google is trying to make your phone more personal, more efficient, and easier to use. In order to leverage the new features of Android Pie, it is important to partner with an Android app development company.

About Android 9 Pie:

Android Pie available on following devices as free update.

  • Google Pixel 2
  • Google Pixel 2 XL
  • Google Pixel
  • Google Pixel XL
  • Essential Phone

Android Pie release date devices mentioned below

BrandDeviceAndroid Pie Expected Release Date
AsusAsus ZenFone 5 Lite (5Q)Q2 2019
Asus ZenFone Max (M2)April 10, 2019
Asus ZenFone Max Pro (M2)April 10, 2019
Asus ZenFone Max (M1)Q2 2019
Asus ZenFone Max Pro (M1)April 10, 2019
Asus ROG PhoneQ2 2019
Asus Zenfone 4 ProQ2 2019
Asus Zenfone 4 ZE554KLQ2 2019
Asus Zenfone AR ZS571KLQ3 2019
Asus ZenFone Live (Go edition)Q3 2019
Asus ZenFone Max Plus (M1)Q3 2019
Asus Zenfone 4 Max ZC554KLQ2 2019 (Beta available)
Asus Zenfone 4 Max ZC520KLQ3 2019
Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro ZD552KLQ3 2019
Asus ZenFone 4 Selfie ZB553KLQ2 2019 (Beta available)
Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie ZD553KLQ2 2019 (Beta available)
GoogleGoogle Pixel06 August 2018
Google Pixel XL06 August 2018
Google Pixel 206 August 2018
Google Pixel 2 XL06 August 2018
Google Pixel 3Pre-installed
Google Pixel 3 XLPre-installed
HTCHTC U UltraQ3 2019
HTC U11Q2 2019
HTC U11 LifeQ3 2019
HTC U11+Q2 2019
HTC U11 EYEsQ3 2019
HTC U12+Q2 2019
HuaweiP10 & P10 Plus26 March 2019
Mate 10 & Mate 10 Pro10 November 2018
Mate 10 Porsche10 November 2018
Mate RS Porsche10 November 2018
Mate 20 LiteMay 2019 (Beta available)
Mate 9, Mate 9 Pro & Mate 9 Porsche01 March 2019
Honor 10 & Honor View 1016 October 2018
Honor V901 March 2019
Honor Note 1001 March 2019
Honor 901 March 2019
Honor 9N (9i)Q2 2019
Honor 9 LiteQ2 2019
Honor Play16 October 2018
Honor 8X11 March 2019
Honor 8X MaxQ2 2019 (Beta available)
Honor 8 Pro17 April 2019
Honor 7XQ2 2019 (Beta available)
Nova 317 December 2018
Nova 3iQ2 2019 (Beta available)
Nova 2S01 March 2019
Nova 3eJuly 2019 (Beta available)
P Smart & P Smart+Q2 2019 (Beta available)
Y9 2019Q2 2019 (Beta available)
Y9 2018Q2 2019 (Beta available)
Y7 2018Q3 2019
Y7 Prime 2019 & Y7 Prime 2018Q3 2019
Y7 Pro 2018Q3 2019
Y6 2018Q3 2019
Y5 Prime 2018Q3 2019
Y3 2018Q3 2019
LGLG V40 ThinQQ2 2019
LG G7 ThinQ17 January 2019
LG G7 One16 Nov 2018
LG G7 FitQ3 2019
LG V35 ThinQ24 April 2019
LG V30S ThinQQ2 2019
LG V30/V30+Q2 2019
LG G6Q3 2019
LG Q9Q4 2019
LG Q8Q3 2019
LG V20Q3 2019
LG Q7Q3 2019
LG Q StylusQ3 2019
LG Stylo 4Q3 2019
LG X5 2018Q4 2019
MotorolaMoto One29 Nov 2018
Moto One Power17 Nov 2018
Moto Z302 April 2019
Moto Z3 PlayQ2 2019
Moto Z2 ForceQ2 2019
Moto Z2 PlayQ2 2019
Moto X4 Android One12 December 2018
Moto X4November 13, 2018
Moto G616 February 2019 (Brazil)
Moto G6 Plus31 December 2018
NokiaNokia 1Q2 2019
Nokia 2.121 February 2019
Nokia 3Q2 2019
NokiaNokia 3.114 March 2019
Nokia 3.1 Plus26 February 2019
Nokia 524 January 2019
Nokia 5.119 March 2019
Nokia 5.1 Plus27 December 2018
Nokia 619 February 2019
Nokia 6.130 October 2018
Nokia 6.1 Plus31 October 2018
Nokia 711 December 2018
Nokia 7 Plus28 September 2018
Nokia 7.1November 27, 2018
Nokia 8December 19, 2018
Nokia 8 SiroccoJanuary 09, 2019
OnePlusOnePlus 322 May 2019
OnePlus 3T22 May 2019
OnePlus 525 December 2018
OnePlus 5T25 December 2018
OnePlus 622 September 2018
OnePlus 6TPre-installed
SamsungSamsung Galaxy S9December 24, 2018
Samsung Galaxy S9+December 24, 2018
Samsung Galaxy Note 9January 04, 2019
Samsung Galaxy Note 8February 15, 2019
Samsung Galaxy S8February 19, 2019
Samsung Galaxy S8+February 19, 2019
Samsung Galaxy S8 ActiveQ2 2019
Samsung Galaxy A9 201813 March 2019
Samsung Galaxy A8 201812 March 2019
Samsung Galaxy A8+ 201807 March 2019
Samsung Galaxy A8 StarJune 2019
Samsung Galaxy A7 201814 March 2019
Samsung Galaxy A628 March 2019
Samsung Galaxy A6+20 March 2019
Samsung Galaxy Note FE25 March 2019
Samsung Galaxy J4/J4+26 April 2019
Samsung Galaxy J6/J6+01 April 2019
Samsung Galaxy J808 April 2019
Samsung Galaxy On824 April 2019
Samsung Galaxy On7 PrimeApril 2019
Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 2April 2019
Samsung Galaxy J7 2017June 2019
Samsung Galaxy J7 DuoJuly 2019
Samsung Galaxy J7 NeoJune 2019
Samsung Galaxy J2 2018April 2019
Samsung Galaxy J2 CoreApril 2019
Samsung Galaxy Tab S410 April 2019
Samsung Galaxy M10August 2019
Samsung Galaxy M20August 2019
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3August 2019
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2017September 2019
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5October 2019
Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2October 2019
Samsung Galaxy Watch19 May 2019
Samsung Gear S319 May 2019
Samsung Gear Sport19 May 2019
SonySony Xperia XZ212 October 2018
Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact12 October 2018
Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium15 November 2018
Sony Xperia XA204 April 2019
Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra04 April 2019
Sony Xperia XA2 Plus04 April 2019
Sony Xperia XZ110 November 2018
Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact10 November 2018
Sony Xperia XZ Premium10 November 2018
XiaomiXiaomi Mi Mix 2S17 October 2018
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2Q2 2019
Xiaomi Poco F110 December 2018
Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro22 January 2019
Xiaomi Mi 8/8 EE05 December 2018
Xiaomi Mi 8 SE18 February 2019
Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite05 March 2019
Xiaomi Mi A123 December 2018
Xiaomi Mi A215 November 2018
Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite28 November 2018
Xiaomi Mi Max 304 March 2019
Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 ProQ2 2019
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 AI (Note 5 Pro)Q2 2019
Xiaomi Redmi 6 ProQ2 2019
Xiaomi Mi Pad 4Q2 2019
Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 PlusQ2 2019
Xiaomi Black SharkQ2 2019
ZTEZTE Axon 9 ProQ2 2019
ZTE Nubia Z17Q2 2019
ZTE Nubia Z17sQ2 2019

Here are key features of Latest Version Android 9 Pie

Digital Wellbeing

Image courtesy: Android

Digital Wellbeing is Google’s initiative aimed to help user understand whether they are spending too much time on mobile device and adjust user behavior. With an all-new dashboard, dashboard is designed to help people understand how much time they’re spending on each app. there is also an App Timer that sets limits on the time spent on specific apps. If the limit is reached, users are locked out unless they override the function.

There is a Wind Down mode that fades the screen into greyscale at night to help people sleep, while also initiating a Do Not Disturb mode to mute notifications before bedtime.

Adaptive Battery & Adaptive Brightness

Image courtesy: Android

Adaptive battery is extremely interesting as it understands and deciphers app’s functioning. Android Pie includes a new feature called “adaptive battery.” This feature ensures only the apps needed are using battery. It also helps use your smartphone longer between charges.

Based on app’s consumption, artificial intelligence adjusts brightness of screen based on user preferences and environment.

App Slices

Image Courtesy: Android

With Android 9, the best of apps are bound to get even faster. Slices features brings relevant parts of your favorite apps, creating interactive snippets of your favorite apps in different places. Slices displays information from apps directly within the Google search app, in a similar manner to the way Google displays snippets of information in web search results.

App Actions

Courtesy: Google

App actions are another AI-integration attempt by Google, which seeks to predict not only the app that you want at any particular moment, but an action from within that app too.

Improved Navigation

With a complete focus on navigation and user experience, Android 9 Pie comes with a single home button in the screen. This change has been made keeping in mind taller displays and higher aspect ratio. On the lines of Apple iPhone X, Android Pie gives similar swipes and gestures for navigation.

Stringent Privacy Measures

Android 9 comes with extensive and robust security features to empower encryption of Android backups with a client-side secret. One of the key features is biometric authentication prompt which enables consistent authentication throughout Android ecosystem. There will be restricted access to phone’s microphone, camera, or other sensors when an app is idle in the background. Android 9 also brings vital improvements to protect web communications and offer private web surfing.

Android Pie: Exploring Enterprise Angle

Android Pie brings a host of features for enterprises, making it easy for users to share a single device for shift workers or public kiosks. It comes with easy to use Work tab which allows to separate work apps all in one place and turn off with a simple toggle when you get off work. Android 9 provides the ability to Enterprise IT admins to define freeze periods up to 90 days during which time devices in their fleet will not update the Android OS. This ensures their devices states remain unchanged during critical time like holidays.

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