Magento is a strong ecommerce open source framework written in PHP. Among other names that are popular for development of ecommerce websites such as Drupal, WordPress and Joomla, Magento has emerged as the most preferred choice of audience.

WordPress or Magento? Pick Your Platform Wisely

WordPress may seem to be an easier choice with less coding work required. However, Magento is more flexible in terms of advanced customizations. While both of these are Content Management Systems (CMS), these frameworks make it simple to add, modify, and manage contents in the simplest way possible. Further, these platforms are SEO friendly and backed by a strong online support community.

While there are so many similarities, what sets these platforms apart is the difference in their core functionality. Magento is dedicated for ecommerce website development considering the kind of in-built features and functionalities offered.

On the other hand, WordPress is more of text-based and ideal for blogs. Though WordPress has variety of themes for ecommerce and business websites, the restrictions on customizations do not let you make the website as per your ideation completely. These are the possible reasons behind the surge of Magento ecommerce development services

Magento: A Promising Ecommerce Development Platform

If you are someone who hasn’t explored Magento yet, here’s a piece of information for you. This open source platform comes with an array of magnificent themes & templates. Magento framework makes it easier for professionals to work on secured ecommerce shopping cart development.

Why Magento has took over other technologies when it comes to ecommerce website development? Answer to this question lies in the following pointers:

1. Flexibility to set up the website as per business needs and preferences
2. Ability to manage multiple store through ‘multi-store management’ feature
3. Generation of up-to-date reports for analysis
4. SEO practices get noticed on websites developed on Magento framework
5. Mobile commerce becomes easy to implement with Magento
6. Magento makes it possible to create a fully customizable online store
7. Advanced functionality and systematic order management comes as an added bonus while working with Magento

On a Concluding Note
Magento is an ideal choice for small, medium as well as enterprise as the websites based on this framework are highly scalable. Third-party extensions and plug-ins of Magento are sure to fulfill your business website requirements.

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