With the advent of 2015, the mobile apps industry experiences a drastic change. With more than 2 million smartphone users across the globe, more and more businesses are developing mobile apps to increase their sales and build a strong brand recognition. Almost all the mobile and smartphone users make use of devices and handsets to access the internet, shopping, utility apps, gaming, etc. Mobile apps satisfy the functional needs of businesses and also add some fun element. There are thousands of mobile apps available under different categories.

2014 has seen tremendous changes among the mobile app development industry and it is unavoidable to overlook the mobile app designs. It is important that the app should have an eye-catchy and user-friendly design that appeals to the end users. As mobile app design is trend-driven, one should keep an eye on the latest market and industry trends and grab the attention of the potential users.

What’s new in 2015?

1. Colors, colors and colors:
Go trendy with vibrant and bright colors when you are developing a mobile app. As colors have a great impact on the overall experience, it is important to choose the colors for the app wisely. Whenever a user browses the App store, colorful mobile apps impress them. You can try comparing a colorful app with a mostly white app. You would find the difference. The users can make out whether your app is fun, friendly or elegant merely through the colors. In short, the colors used in the app determine its personality.

Deploying simple color schemes in the app make the mobile app more interactive. Such color combinations can help to optimize the “Flat design” and the users can access the app easily.

2. Simplicity and clarity:
Since the last many years, the designers have been working for simpler designs. Wondering why simpler designs are better? According to Google research, simpler websites are easy to digest. The users need cognitive efforts to access the complex websites. Clean interface displays the content in the best manner and the users can scroll and scan the pages. Simple and clean interface is the need of the hour.

While developing an app, make sure that you do not waste application users’ time. The application design should be powerful enough to impress the audience at the first sight. The audience should know what your mobile app does and how to use it effectively.

3. Different design style:
Elegant yet sophisticated designs for the mobile apps will hit 2015. Depending on the type of business, a simple mobile app with unique features should be created. For example: If you are developing a tattoo art mobile app, you should look at hundreds of similar apps available in the market and think of some additional features you can add to make your app unique. If you are not sure about the design, you can speak to the industry experts and get suggestions.

Besides developing a clean design, you can think of deploying the layered interface. This would offer 3D like experience to the smartphone users and offer a great user experience.

4. Innovative ideas – Think out of the box:
There are millions of apps available on the App store. How many of them are unique? Well, there are very few apps that offer something out of the box, right? The product or service you offer may be unique, but it is important to have a unique idea for mobile app development. In 2015, businesses need to come up with out of the box features to create unique apps to attract the users. In order to make your app stand out from the crowd, you should come up with some unique idea.

5. Alluring images:
While browsing through the App store, you would come across several apps that use a wide range of attractive photos. What is the importance of pictures in an app? The pictures are also used as content and design element also. Photos would play a major role in the success of a mobile app in 2015.

6. Integrate social media:
Social media such as Google+, Twitter and Facebook have millions of users. The functionality of your website can be enhanced by integrating social media. The users get an option to share your mobile app with their friends or other people who are there in their network. It is an easy way of marketing as the users can directly “Like,” “Share” and give “+1” to your app.

7. In app events / Seasonal features:
It can be a good idea to integrate push notification features so that the users can update the apps without having the hassle of downloading and installing. This would also help to promote offers during the festive season.

8. Decline in native apps:
2015 will notice a drastic change in the mobile industry and it is expected that there would be a decline in the number of native apps being developed. The war between native apps and web apps would come to an end as native apps will decrease in the market in 2015.

An overview:

  • Number of apps will increase rapidly in 2015.
  • Clear UI and color combination will be the king.
  • HTML5 will rule the plethora of mobile app development.
  • Phone is no more the only Smart device.
  • Chat applications will continue to lure the users.
  • Improvements in Mobile Payments.

New trends have already created a buzz in the mobile app development industry. By 2015, such trends will take the mobile apps industry to a new level.

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