Top Development Languages in 2022
The most trending programming languages of 2022 will be the ones that let you solve real-world problems, while still being accessible to developers of all experience levels. And whether you’re using one of the leading programming languages of 2022 to build an internal tool or develop a cutting-edge mobile app, you’ll need to hire a developer who knows his or her way around Swift, Google Go, and other next-gen coding tools. Here are top 10 Programming Languages of 2022 that our experts predict will be in high demand in just a few years.

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Top 10 Programming Languages in 2022

Most In-Demand Programming Languages in 2022

Swift – iOS

swift programming languageIf you’re looking to hire a swift developer in 2022, Swift is likely at or near the top of your list. If you haven’t heard about Swift, it’s a language Apple developed for iOS development. The great thing about swift is that it’s easy to learn and has an extremely fast release cycle (every year). This means if you want to create something new and cool, swift developers are already on board! Although they do have all of those great features, one drawback with Swift is its speed compared to Java/C++.

Features of Swift:

  • Modern
  • Designed for safety
  • Fast and powerful
  • Great first language
  • Source and binary compatibility
  • Open source
  • Playgrounds and Read-Eval-Print-Loop (REPL)
  • Package manager
  • Objective-C interoperability

Latest Releases: Swift 5.6

Released Date: March 14, 2022

Python – Web Development

Python Programming LanguagePython is also known as a general-purpose language and can be used for web development. It is one of most popular languages for large data sets and machine learning, especially for large scale data analysis. Due to its readability and maintainability, Python has been implemented by many companies like Google, Dropbox, Youtube etc. One can hire developers based on area expertise on such skill sets like backend engineering with Python using Django web framework or Python core web development using Flask framework etc.

Features of Python:

  • Easy to Code
  • Free source
  • Python-Object oriented
  • Highly portable Language
  • Support for GUI
  • Embeddable Programme

Latest Version: Python 3.10.3

Kotlin – Android

Kotlin Programming LanguageKotlin is making significant inroads as a replacement for Java, but it’s also becoming an increasingly viable alternative to Swift. Swift and Kotlin are quite different from one another, however, so choosing which language to pursue will ultimately depend on your background. For instance, if you’re familiar with Objective-C/Swift, then Kotlin will be more intuitive for you than Java would be. Likewise, if you’re a longtime Python or Ruby programmer, Kotlin might feel right at home.

Features of Android:

  • Interoperable with Java
    Easy set-up process
  • Expressive Syntax
  • Null Safety

Latest Releases: Kotlin 1.6.10

Released Date: December 14, 2021


Java Programming LanguageFirst developed in 1991, Java is an older language but still widely used today. It has a number of advantages over newer languages, including speed and versatility. In addition to general development work, Java is often used for backend-development roles.

Features of Java:

  • New language features
  • JVM improvements
  • New tools and libraries
  • Incubator features

Latest Version: Java 17


C++ Programming LanguageThis language will remain important for a long time, but has been seriously challenged by new languages that make it possible to write safe and reliable code more quickly. This is especially true for applications that require high-speed computing or parallel execution (like simulations, data analysis, and so on). C++ will continue to dominate in some key sectors where we still rely on legacy systems that haven’t yet moved to newer technologies. In general, its popularity will decline as demand for other languages increases.

Features of C++:

  • Object Oriented
  • Machine Independent and Platform-Dependent
  • Structured Programming Language
  • Rich Library

Latest Version: C++20


Go Programming LanguageAs a general-purpose, statically typed, compiled language with syntax loosely derived from C and Java, Go enables developers to easily build simple, reliable software as well as complex systems that scale. It’s arguably not as popular in production environments right now as Java or even other emerging languages like Kotlin and TypeScript — but its simplicity and maturity make it a great choice for teams looking to move away from heavyweight (and often more expensive) options like Scala or GoLang.

Features of GO:

  • Open-Source
  • Static Typing
  • Concurrency Support
  • Powerful Standard Library
  • Testing Capabilities
  • Garbage Collection

Latest Version: Go1.18


JavaScript Programming LanguageNot only is Javascript currently number 1 in terms of popularity on Stack Overflow, but it’s also considered one of the most powerful and essential languages for web development. From its roots as a tool to help with website presentation, Javascript has now become a highly versatile language that can help you build both web and mobile applications. That said, if your project is primarily intended for mobile use, then Swift might be better suited to your needs – more on that later.

Es12: Latest version of JavaScript


PHP Programming LanguageAlthough it’s commonly looked down upon as a language for developing basic sites and web apps, PHP has some serious advantages for developers. For one, it’s incredibly easy to pick up if you already know how to code in another language. And because PHP is used everywhere—from enterprise-level sites to forums and WordPress blogs—you’ll have no problem finding work as a developer with experience in PHP.

Features of PHP:

  • Error handling facility
  • powerful Zend Engine
  • Case Sensitive
  • Platform Independent
  • Null Coalescing operators

Latest Version: PHP 8.1.3

Released Date: 17 Feb 2022

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails Programming LanguageAs predicted, Ruby on Rails had a slow but steady rise in popularity among developers. Rails’ user-friendly framework makes it easy to build apps quickly and deploy them successfully. It seems like web developers have chosen their platform for years to come: Ruby on Rails is here to stay. That’s not to say that other, newer languages aren’t promising as well—far from it!

Latest Releases: Ruby on Rails v7.0.2.3


.Net Programming LanguageIt’s no secret that Microsoft’s cloud technologies are growing in popularity, but with its incredible ecosystem and proven ability to scale, it’s hard to argue that .NET is anything less than a powerhouse. That being said, .NET still has relatively low market share compared to other popular development platforms. However, if recent trends hold true, we may start seeing some growth for .NET by 2022. With continuous improvements made to current features and the addition of new ones such as full support for MVC (MVC 8), .NET will likely see an uptick in adoption when it comes time to replace older versions and systems.

Features of .NET:

  • 64-bit IDE
  • .NET 6 support
  • Intellicode
  • Hot reload

Latest Version: .NET Framework 4.8

Released Date: April 18, 2019


The above ranking factors are some important factors which can help you to get a better programming language. Now you should check these factors carefully before selecting your programming language 2022.

As we all know, good programming skills will help us to build good software and technology products. So it is very necessary for us to keep learning new things every day in order to make our career bright in the future and for the next generation also.

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