Unique Mobile App Ideas for Business

Do you want to look for a widely used platform to start with your business or target a large user base with minimal investment for your business? In such cases, mobile applications can come across as the optimum solution to reach out to users across different geographies.  Hear we outlines unique mobile app ideas for business. These ideas will help your business grow.

According to Statista, it is expected that in the year 2022, nearly 258 billion mobile applications will be downloaded worldwide by the users of smartphones. Be it large enterprises, startups, or mid-size companies, smartphones, tablets, and wearables are increasing the reach of companies with markets and businesses across the globe. It is essential to partner with a company for mobile app development services.

Here are some interesting statistics

Is it possible to outshine competitors with the mobile app? With millions of apps across the Google PlayStore or the iOS app store, the key to success in the app world is an innovative idea. Will your mobile app solve the problems of users?

Mobile app developers can infuse life into business ideas, bringing it to life. Hence, several organizations are looking to hire app developers who can build a mobile app that can increase customer engagement levels.

Most popular iOS App Store categories

Launched in 2008, the number of apps available in the App store has continually increased since its inception. Gaming apps are the most popular apps based on availability, as about 25 percent of all apps available fit in this category.

popular iOS App Store categories

Top Android App categories

This statistics gives information on the market reach of the most popular Android app categories worldwide as of September 2019. During the period, it was discovered that travel and local content apps had a 95.73 percent reach among global Android mobile users.

Top Android App categories


Top Mobile App Ideas for Business

If you are looking to launch an app, here are a few innovative mobile app development ideas that will help solve user problems.

  • Photo Search app

    Remember the times when you struggled to search real-life products online. Think about an app that allows searching for products by photo, and you are unable to find them on the internet. Just click on the picture or scan the image and find it on platforms that sell the app

    This is a great app development idea if startups are looking for users to hook up with their apps all day. It has no specific target user base as it acts as a utility for all age groups. You can collaborate with sellers to earn your profits.

  • Schedule Food Delivery App

    With online food delivery apps making colossal progress and gaining prominence, the likelihood of similar app succeeding is low. It is about twisting the concept by shifting the idea where an app allows the user to order the food scheduled for later in the day.

    It will save the user’s time and provide ample time for the restaurant to prepare food in advance and deliver it at the scheduled time. Therefore, you can shift to an app idea where an app allows the user to order the food scheduled for later in the day.

    Another simple mobile app idea for a food delivery app is allowing the user to choose all the ingredients and inform the restaurant accordingly so that the user can relish the desired taste.

  • Budget Shopping App

    Most of the people are looking for discounts and deals to grab their product, thus working on a shopping app is not a bad idea.

  • Parking Business App Idea

    Parking is a woe of modern life. Finding a parking space in a jam-packed location is a daunting task. An app that can help a user finds the status of parking availability, and the distance will add the desired value to your app.

  • Uber for Trucks

    Moving or relocating to different parts of the country is a common phenomenon. Did you find an affordable movers and packers service on time? An App that will identify moving trucks anytime you want to help you with the shifting will be a novel idea? Think about this concept will be similar to the on-demand app on the lines of Uber for trucks. It should be simple, allowing you to search the area and put your requirements and let the app do the rest.

    This app will be beneficial for people looking to shift or deliver goods to places relatively shorter periods of time; however, they do not get the right services in a timely fashion. On the other hand, very often, trucks return empty after unloading their goods. Such a truck loader or uber for truck app will provide information about vehicles ready to take/move goods. It can be considered as a lucrative idea for both Android and iOS.

  • Translation App

    The language barrier is a major hurdle to people traveling or interacting with clients overseas. A voice-translation app would take voice as an input and translate it in real-time to the English language. Translation apps will allow users to understand people from various cultures in the local language.

  • Exchange App

    There are several apps to sell used items. But how about an app that allows exchanging something in return for goods others have. This app will function on the phenomenon of barter exchange.

  • Tours & Travels with AR/VR Startup apps

    Visas, foreign exchange, hotel booking, and language barriers, there are several things to consider when visiting places on foreign land. With AR, it is possible to create an immersive experience for travelers. Also, with VR features such as virtual tours, you can shortlist places in a better way.

    It will identify all sightseeing and tourist spots, restaurants, and popular attractions to try in that location so that users can enjoy to their fullest. Using AR navigation, it can make your travel way better. VR technology allows the virtual tour to shortlist places in a better way.

  • Remember Payments

    Whether it is a new app subscription or app store subscriptions, a user subscribes to different platforms. In such cases, an app that allows effortless tracking of all subscriptions and informs the user about the next subscription due and the amount to be deducted.

    It will allow the user to make an informed decision whether to go on with the subscription or to discontinue it.

  • Crime heat maps

    There is certainly not a solitary place of interest on the planet, which is ok for travelers. There are certain areas where sightseers regularly face theft or heinous crime. What’s more, an explorer can never be relied upon to know about such wrongdoing heat zones of a spot where they are traveling. A versatile application can assist voyagers with understanding about a place with which they are least familiar with.

    You should feel that by what means will your application work before entrenched applications like Google maps. Your application will fill in as a corresponding to Google maps as it shows areas yet don’t demonstrate the wrongdoing pace of that area. This will be finished by your application. Besides, it will help in decreasing wrongdoing rates and make puts more sightseers agreeable.

  • Criminal alarm application

    The Criminal caution application can be intended to assist clients with remaining alarm of needed crooks in their general vicinity. It will likewise have an alarm catch to educate the police and GPS highlight to demonstrate your area to the police.

  • Donation of Food App

    A food gift app where the eateries will have the option to identify appropriate foundations in their neighborhoods give their additional food consistently. This won’t just spare a great deal of nourishment that generally goes to squander, yet in addition, it will help heaps of needy individuals.

    Spending basic food item application, that recommends a shopping list from the accessible spending plan. For the suggestion, the app will utilize your area, spending plan, time/month/week, and the historical backdrop of the past buys.
    It may likewise prescribe you the store where to do the shopping in your neighborhood.

    The application could utilize inventive AI innovation that will use your present info and buys history for improving the custom-fitted experience.

  • Invitation App

    Is it accurate to say that you need to welcome a couple of companions over supper? A versatile application can assist you with sending texts to your companions and ask them to your home in only a couple of moments. The application will track individuals who acknowledged your welcome and who shot out it.

  • AR Shopping App

    At last, who doesn’t care about shopping? Be that as it may, imagine a scenario in which you can get the chance to try items without a doubt. The application will utilize Augmented Reality (AR) to advance the client experience.

    The idea is to make an online web-based business application with things that you can try. The store can have numerous areas like devices, trimmings, make-up, garments, watches, and anything that a client needs to attempt to possess before a buy. When the client chooses the items, it will meet all requirements for charged or free conveyance as you mean to work.

  • Text Reader App

    It is not just about scanning; the text reader app will convert text into digital format for easy use on your smartphone, tablet, or PC.


We hope these innovative mobile app ideas for business will help you grow your organization in the future. Do you have any idea that you would like to share? Post a message in the comment section.

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