The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow at exponential pace. Whether it in terms of the companies, startups, products, or tools/applications, Internet of Things is gaining prominence in seamlessly connecting our devices, appliances, homes, and vehicles together. With several IoT solutions and products set to flood the market in 2018, let’s take a look at a quick roundup of top IoT products that will redefine the connected world.

Rachio Smart Sprinklers


Smart sprinklers for irrigation controllers can play a great role in redefining home lawn and garden care, as well as conserve energy such as reducing water consumption. These systems strongly rely on data gather from sensors, forecasts and plant-care databases to systematically control watering needs and deliver just about the right moisture at the time it is needed the most. The Rachio app allows you to start, stop and change your sprinklers from your phone or computer, as well as get real-time notification about what’s happening in yard from rain delays to faulty valves.

Rachio takes references from thousands of local weather stations to automatically adjust your watering schedule based on the latest local forecasts.

With Rachio’s iOS or Android apps, user can monitor and adjust sprinkler system from anywhere, anytime, completely eliminating the need to rush to the garage or basement to control your sprinklers.

June Smart Convection Oven


June is intelligent convection oven which makes the process of cooking smart and easy. With airflow systems, June maintains temperature inside the cooking cavity which is even, eliminating hot and cold spots in the oven. Its unique cooling systems keep electronics in safe operating temperatures. This ensures that the outside of oven is safe to touch, minimizing injury. The Adaptive Cook Presets of June cook your food according to user’s preferences. Many of June’s Adaptive Cook Presets range from room temperature, which remove the age old practice of preheating oven before actually cooking process starts.

Velco Wink Bar


Velco’s Wink Bar is one-of-its-kind connected handlebar for bikes which can be set to any bike. This allows riders to access technology such as GPS-assisted navigation, geolocation of the bike in the case of theft and integrated smart headlights that start on when it’s dark. All of this can be controlled via a complimentary app on the smartphone. It provides accurate and safe technology and allows connectivity of bike anywhere in the world.



This IoT based medical emergency band is a wearable device, providing medical information about the user who is wearing band. It uses GPS and location information to adjust the information to the local language whenever the user has any type of medical emergency. Patient’s caregiver can scan a QR code on the band’s buckle to get health information about the wearer. This information could include information about medical conditions, past emergencies, allergies, current medications, last medical tests, and vaccinations. The IoT medical emergency bracelet also automatically alerts emergency contacts, providing updates on the wearer’s location and situation.



Aladin is a wall-mounted smart lamp that is designed to help the elderly to remain independent by detecting early signs of illness and reducing falls. Its light features motion detectors allow users to get up in the middle of the night and in case of unfortunate fall, the device can send emergency contacts an automatic notification. Furthermore, in case an elderly is going to the bathroom more compared to the usual, the light will detect change in this pattern of movement and let relatives know. Its data analysis system namely PrediCare Technology® also detects early warning signs (decreased sleep quality, frequent waking up) to prevent emergence of illnesses.

Oledcomm’s MyLiFi


MyLiFi aims to completely revamp Internet access and provides regulated access to families with confidentiality and radiowave-free internet to all. Oledcomm’s MyLiFi smart lamp is not only internet connected – but also beams Internet broadband to user’s laptops. The light-emitting diode (LED) lamp connects mobile devices with a new technology called LiFi as well as offers wireless, radio wave-free internet.

OMNI Smart Cycling Helmet


Wearables company Coros showed off its OMNI smart cycling helmet during CES. This smart biking helmet features bone conducting audio points in the straps – so users can listen to music but still have their ears free to hear the traffic and external environment around them.

If the rider does get into a collision, the helmet’s built in sensor alerts emergency contacts through an alert on the phone. The Coros Omni bike helmet will launch this upcoming quarter for around $200.

Control Any, BEAK


ControlAny has launched the Beak Smart App and Universal Remote Control, which is able to turn most home appliances into smart devices. Beak can control any home appliance regardless of the make or model. Beak is equipped with various sensors and devices are controlled from the mobile app itself. BEAK uses wireless procedures, such as Z-Wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth. Beak has an IR transceiver to control IR devices to control the signals generated by traditional remotes, as well as temperature, humidity, ambient light and proximity sensors.

Launched recently in CES 2018 held in Las Vegas, the BEAK has already received critical acclaim and has been bestowed the highest accolade of “INNOVATION AWARDS HONOREE” in the Smart Home category by the Consumer Electronics Association.

ProGlove’s Smart Glove


If you thought IoT is just about home automation or energy management, ProGlove’s smart glove targets a different audience – industrial workers. This smart glove is exclusively designed to meet safety requirements for industrial conditions, features real-time visual and haptic feedback, as well as gesture sensing. With a barcode scanner on the back which can be used for automatic quality check on the industrial floor. This can document critical assembling as well as tracking and tracing applications.

Zhor-Tech Smart Safety Shoe


Hear about smart safety footwear? Here is one unique concept, a sensor-equipped sole that can seamlessly fit into shoes to analyze daily activities and track daily distances walked, number of stairs climbed, and calories burned, as well as biomechanical analysis. This smart shoe will hit the market in September 2018.

Cloud Your Car


Simple and scalable solution, this connected car solution allows companies to manage fleets. The device allows managers to monitor all company vehicles through GSM connectivity. The Cloud Your Car device gathers data such as mileage, speed, location and aggressive driving in real time. Reports can be viewed using a smart phone or web app.

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