No one can deny that mobility is the new IT and if businesses are not leveraging its potential, they’ve definitely got their business IT strategy wrong. Enterprise mobile apps help to boost the productivity and give your business a competitive advantage. Mobility surely helps to make the business more agile and improves the communication between the employees. Almost all the types of business, irrespective of the size, can employ enterprise mobility technology to improve their business processes.

Though many organizations have realized the importance of enterprise mobile apps, there are certain myths that interfere with the decision making process of the businesses, when they are planning to adopt enterprise mobility solutions for their business. Let’s have a look at the few myths and learn how they can be avoided:

I don’t think my business is ready for such solutions:
The universal fact is: All the businesses are ready for enterprise mobility and the ones who say that they aren’t, probably do not know the importance of the solutions. Every business that strives to improve the work performance should adopt mobility solutions. Mobility solutions help to bridge the gap between suppliers, employers, partners and customers to streamline the flow of business information between them. Aren’t all the businesses looking for a competitive edge?

Mobility solutions have limited scope:
We believe that this myth comes from the thought that mobility is only about the apps and apps have limited scope. The fact is that mobility offers endless opportunities and possibilities. You can consider apps as an additional tool to perform various tasks. The good news is that you can do a lot of tasks using mobility as it has unlimited scope.

Enterprise mobile apps are costly:
This is one of the most popular myths among the business owner. They assume that along with the development costs, there would be costs involved for training the employees for using such solutions. Some people just stay away from enterprise mobility because they think that it would be a huge investment.

While hiring professional experts for mobility solutions, you can get a quote and compare the money that you need to invest and the returns on investment. You would be amazed to know that the returns would be higher than the investment you need to make.

Security issues:
This is another common myth that enterprise mobility solutions do not come without security concerns. It is a thing of past now. Enterprises have found ways to minimize the risks of security concerns. We can expect the things to improve in the coming years.

Employees would not be interested to use enterprise apps:
The employees should make the best use of the tools provided to them in order to improve the efficiency of the business. Using such apps would provide a sense of comfort and security to the employees. It is the employers’ responsibility to make the employees get comfortable with enterprise mobility solutions.

Mobility requires infrastructural investment:
This is a common belief among the people that once enterprise mobile apps are employed, it would require infrastructural setup. The fact is that there would be no need to make investment for expensive infrastructure. You will not need to make much investment for integrating the use of mobile apps through BYOD in your business.

We have a mobile site, so we don’t need an app:
There are many business owners who give this answer: “We already have a mobile website and hence, we do not need an enterprise mobile app.” Well, the benefits of a mobile app and enterprise mobile app is completely different. A website helps to create brand awareness, while enterprise app would help the employees perform certain tasks and improve the productivity.

Let me think over it:
Some business owners spend some time thinking over whether they should employ enterprise mobility within their organization or not. The time is now! You should not wait to employ enterprise mobility apps as it would benefit your business in a big way.

Hopefully, some of the common myths have been busted and you might have realized the importance of enterprise mobility. Look for the best solution that results in strategic growth of your business.

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