Myths about PHP - Part II

Continued from our last edition of Top 10 Myths about PHP – Part I, we will further discuss about some of the other wrong beliefs.

PHP – Controlled By One Company – Zend

Stating that just one company have all the rights of PHP development is a big misconception. The true fact is php was developed and continues to grow with the help of many more developers, who are not associated with Zend. Moreover, PHP core developers are not only part of Zend but are also connected with Microsoft, Oracle and other companies.

PHP – Not Feasible for High Performance Web Apps/ Sites

Looking at Facebook, you can see that it is one of the largest sites based on PHP. It doesn’t face any issue of scalability or performance by adopting this language. Being a compiled language, PHP offers good speed for most of the web applications. So, there is no base in saying that this server side scripting language is not good enough for high performance and scalable web sites.

PHP – Not a Truly Object Oriented Programming Language

PHP has become quite popular due to its several incredible applications such as Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc. If you are a PHP consultant, you may find that many of the clients will want their websites to be developed with some or other of these applications. Presently, WordPress is widely used everywhere.

WordPress is mostly written in non-object oriented code. It utilizes the same base classes to implement some common functionalities. However, the core functionality is written in procedural code. Eventually, this leads to the fact that not being written in Object Oriented code does not mean that the project cannot be reused.

PHP – Worse Than Ruby on Rails, Python Django or X Framework

Comparing a language with a full stack of framework is not the right thing. PHP comes with numerous extensions that provide exceptional features. That shows that PHP can equally stand with Java, C#, Python, Ruby, etc. Moreover comparing ROR, Python Django with the similar PHP frameworks is not void.

Moreover, it is the matter of personal choice that the developers have for using any language according to their methodology of development, which makes them productive. So, saying that PHP developers cannot be productive because they cannot use the other language framework is not the right thing. It depends on the personal opinion regarding using any particular language or framework.

PHP Developers – Not Qualified so are Cheaper

As market of PHP is huge around the web, there are many companies ready to hire PHP web developers. But, for just simpler jobs like installation and customization job, companies don’t pay much.

But, the companies who look for more sophisticated skills like application, architecture, planning and deployment, handling security matters properly, search engine optimization, developing high scale web sites, etc. definitely tend to pay good salaries to developers having all these skills.

These are just a few of the wrong beliefs about PHP. Still, there are other myths spread over the web about PHP by the people. If  you have encountered any such wrong ideas but feel that they are not right, then do share with us.

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