As companies endeavor to strengthen competitive advantage in an intricate global environment, business-savvy leaders are influencing with technology to accomplish their goals.

We have picked 10 technology trends that we consider for having the opportunity to create a deep impact on business over the next 3 years.

Technology Trends 2014

Trend 1: Venture to travel around Space

15+ million individuals visit space attractions and NASA every year. In 2014, Space Adventures are all set to take tourist for lunar flyby. Spacex travelled to the space station recently! Thus, efforts from many companies have been initiated, with a view of bringing tourists to space.
Virgin Galactic and XCOR Aerospace will be flying sub-orbital traveller flights soon. Virgin Galactic is ready for a take off into space, with an initiation trip carried by Sir Richard Branson.

Trend 2: Wearable gadgets

Recently, we saw wearable technology from many of the big players at Mobile World Congress including Samsung’s Gear smart watches, Sony’s SmartBand and Core life-tracker. In addition, Google is about to dispatch its augmented-reality glasses in 2014, expanding the wearable tech market.

Health-tracking devices like the Nike Fuel Band, Jawbone Up and Fitbit Force will continue to commute the health technology marketplace into the mainstream.

Trend 3: Internet of things

In 2014, IoT is expected to become real with the pervasiveness of connectivity and conception of devices. Philips demonstrated a concept called the HomeCooker at the 2013 IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin. Using a smartphone, one could manage cooking, change temperature and stir food.

Our physical world will continue to bang over the market in 2014. Devices would not be limited to only smartphones and computers. Every single routine activity can be networked starting from the bikes to home appliances.

Trend 4: Advancement in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Google gained an arrangement of overwhelming robots with its buy of Boston Dynamics in 2013, including the Cheetah, Petman and Atlas. Collaboration between people and smart machines will reshape the competitive balance of industries.

In 2014, we can visualise the machines using their minds without any assistance of humans. With the rising technology advancement in robotics and artificial intelligence, it is expected to happen soon in this year.

Trend 5: 3D Printing

The potential for 3D printing have revolutionize the supply chain. It enabled marketing and operations management personnel to transition from restrictive design. The future of 3D printing market would cover immediate opportunities for organizations of all sizes and types.

According to growth projections by IDC, 3D printers units will have a compound growth rate of 59 percent and revenue growing by 29 percent from 2012 to 2017.

Trend 6: Mobile Device and Diversity Management

The developing mixed bag of gadgets, figuring styles, client connections and collaboration ideal models will make “everything all over the place” systems unachievable. The startling result of bring your own device (BYOD) projects is a multiplying or actually tripling of the span of the portable workforce.

This is putting colossal strain on IT and money associations. Undertaking approaches on worker-claimed equipment use need to be completely investigated and, where essential, upgraded and broadened. Most organizations just have strategies for representatives getting to their systems through gadgets that the endeavor possesses and oversees. Set approaches to characterize clear desires around what they should or shouldn’t do. Offset adaptability with secrecy and protection prerequisites

Trend 7: Smart TV

Simply viewing videos and shows on TV won’t take care of business in 2014. A developing business of savvy Tvs will keep on growing, with more families having the choice to peruse the Internet, propel applications and have social collaborations through their TV sets.

LG is wanting to discharge a characteristic that lets clients speak with shrewd home machines, utilizing a portable informing application called Line, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January. Samsung’s savvy Tvs will soon let clients utilization voice summon and signals to change the channel, control the volume and stop features. The two organizations are likewise wanting to show 105-inch bended 4k Tvs at CES. Samsung has recently started offering a 110-inch TV in South Korea for a whopping $150,000.

Trend 8: Cloud Architecture

Uniting particular mists and outer private cloud administrations is a basic. Endeavors ought to plan private cloud administrations on account of a cross breed future and verify future reconciliation/interoperability is conceivable. Half and half cloud administrations might be made from various perspectives, changing from generally static to extremely powerful. Dealing with this structure will regularly be the obligation of something filling the part of cloud administration intermediary (CSB), which handles conglomeration, coordination and customization of administrations. Ventures that are projecting into cross breed distributed computing from private cloud administrations are undertaking the CSB part.

Terms like “overdrafting” and “cloudbursting” are regularly used to portray what crossover distributed computing will make conceivable. In any case, the dominant part of cross breed cloud administrations will at first be significantly less dynamic than that. Early half and half cloud administrations will probably be more static, designed organizations, (for example, reconciliation between an inward private cloud and an open cloud administration for certain usefulness or information). More organization arrangements will rise as Csbs advance (for instance, private foundation as an administration [iaas] offerings that can influence outer administration suppliers focused around strategy and use).

Trend 9: Growing Smartphone market

Cell phone shipments have been persistently fabricating quicker than foreseen, with 2012′s rate anticipated that will hit around 46 percent, and 2010′s arriving at 35 percent.

One forecast by Credit Suisse says that in excess of 1 billion cell phones will offer worldwide in 2014, getting a support from interest in China. As per IDC, cell phone shipments in China’s developing business sector are assessed to hit 450 million in 2014 – contrasted with an expected 360 million in 2013.

Trend 10: High-end Security

With the subtle elements of the National Security Agency’s reconnaissance, projects are exposed through released archives by previous builder Edward Snowden.

As indicated by a July 2013 Pew Research study, 86 percent of Internet clients have made moves to ensure their computerized foot shaped impression by utilizing systems like encoding their email or clearing treats.

Security promoters may need to keep their eyes on a few arguments recorded against the U.s. government in 2013 that are even now pending. NSA executive Gen. Keith Alexander will resign in 2014, which could start another round of discussions about security.

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