Business is about how effectively you understand your target audience and how well you serve them. Big data helps organizations in understanding and growing their business by using business-critical data to their advantage. Improve the way by which you market your product or service to customers with Big Data analytics solutions by collecting, analyzing and acting on the data gathered from various sources.

Endless possible data points make it difficult for organization to decide where to begin and how to proceed ahead. Enterprises are confronted with common questions, some of which mentioned below:

  • What types of data should you collect and record?
  • What is the best way to measure and analyze collected data?
  • How to derive insights from data analysis for the betterment of your business?

5 Ways to Boost your Business with Big Data Analytics

Let’s explore the potential of Big Data and know how it can help businesses to grow and expand rapidly.

1. Understand your Customers

Big Data helps in knowing and understanding your customers in the best possible way. In any type of business, customer is the backbone or key factor responsible for its success. It is significant to know what customer is expecting from you.

When customer’s requirements and preferences are clearly known, organizations can plan or revise their strategies to make them more customer-centric.

2. Effective Marketing Campaigns

Do not worry about those flop marketing campaigns experienced in the past with Big Data that helps in planning of informed and foolproof marketing campaigns. Big Data technology eliminates the guesswork from marketing by showing real numbers of customers and prospects.

Organizations can know who has purchased or is interested in their product by gathering information on customer’s age, location, type of business they are involved in and other parameters that are required for detailed analysis. With such information in hand, it becomes easy to know how to attract the target audience and where to find them. This helps in planning effective marketing strategies for companies.

3. Social Media Audit

Every company of the digital age looks at social media as important platforms that help in growing their brand value and ultimately business. As per the recent report of customer trends, approximately 75% of people research on a company or brand on social media before committing to use its products or services.

Social media being an open platform, users rely on it to get real feedback. When these platforms are so important, it becomes essential to check how your business is being talked about and linked to by social users. Social media analytics solution of Big Data helps in knowing in which areas of business are users interested. You can also strengthen the connection with your users by deriving valuable insights on their interests and preferences.

4. Product Development

Building new products is quite challenging, especially when it is one of its kinds in the market. There are lots of risks involved in developing a new product – will it be accepted in the market, how much time the product will take for complete development, testing and deployed.

Big data can help in the product development by gathering data from target audience about the expectation from similar type of product, analyzing the requirements and changing market threats. Big Data in combination with predictive analytics enable analysts in forecasting the performance of new products throughout the product life cycle.

5. Making Investment Decisions

While all types of business investment decisions are risky with no assured returns, Big Data can help organizations in making informed investment decisions with calculated risks. The statistics when well presented in front of decision makers helps in making of strategies and best investment decisions.


Staying at the forefront of technology and harnessing its power for the betterment of business is crucial to survive in this high-tech world. With Big Data, companies can not only make future-proof strategies but also analyze the aftereffects of strategy implementation to get know-how of what worked effectively and what did not. Such insights help in understanding the business, customers, changing market trends and requirements. Hidden Brains is a reputed Big Data Analytics company helping businesses derive meaningful insights from random, unstructured data.

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