Top Android Apps Changing the Face of Healthcare Industry

Android Mobile App Development for Industry

Exciting phones, expanding market share, enticing apps, and adding to that the ‘medical’ category on the market– it points toward the perennial presence of Android in the competition for the hearts, minds, and wallets of healthcare professionals and students.

For us, keeping our…

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Understanding the Importance of Health Information Technology Solutions in Patient Care

 Healthcare IT Solutions

Health IT (health information technology) is continually innovating across different levels, such as the design, development, deployment, use, and maintenance of information systems explicitly targeting the healthcare industry. Automated and highly interoperable healthcare information systems will continue to dramatically improve medical care and…

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5 Ways Big Data is Changing the Healthcare Industry

Big Data in Healthcare Industry

The status of healthcare industry historically has created huge amounts of data, fueled by record keeping, compliance & regulatory requirements, and patient care. Driven by inevitable requirements and the potential to enhance the quality of healthcare delivery all the while reducing the costs,…

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Healthcare Technology Trends to Watch out in 2020 and Beyond

healthcare technology trends 2020

Technology has been transforming industries and the healthcare industry has seen technology inspire progress and innovation. The idea that customer comes first has dawned on each and every industry. The healthcare industry is no exception. Healthcare service providers realize that the rapidly-evolving technologies will…

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Everything you Want to Know about Wearable App Development in Healthcare

Wearable App Development in Healthcare


The conventional patient-doctor model is undergoing a drastic change. Technological innovations such as Wearable app development in Healthcare is bringing about the change in diagnosis and treatment, as well as patient monitoring. Wearable devices connected to the Internet of Things are transforming…

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