Taking Healthcare Delivery to the Next Level with Wearable App Development

Wearable App Development Company

Technology is transforming the healthcare industry. What we have in hospitals today will no doubt be unrecognizable from what used to be decades ago. It is important to keep pace with the change. Privacy, public opinion and security can play a crucial role...

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written by Albert Smith for Healthcare, Wearables section(s).


Importance of Augmented Reality App Development for Different Industries

Augmented Reality App Development Company

For several years, Augmented reality (AR) has been dubbed as a technology bringing about transformational change in the way people live and work. Solutions which allow overlay computer graphics onto view of our immediate environment (AR) are both increasingly being adopted in...

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written by Albert Smith for Augmented Reality, Healthcare, VR App Development section(s).


Infographic : How Big Data Will Change Healthcare and Improve Patient Care

Big Data Solutions in Healthcare Industry

Big data is helping healthcare practitioners gain actionable insights from different sources and analyze it to reveal patterns, ultimately improving healthcare delivery process. The increasing Volume, Variety, Veracity and Velocity, along with advanced tools allow gauging meaningful information. For healthcare providers,...

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