Mobile App Development Trends

With the advent of the first smartphone by Apple Inc., a great revolution has swept the mobile world. Since then, hoards of new and innovative smartphones have been added to the caravan of mobile phones.

Never before were the people so better connected to one another or the business was more efficient. Moreover, for most of the enterprises, mobile phone is an unprecedented opportunity to reach the vast audience around the world.

The evolution of mobile smartphones has also boosted and expanded the app development industry covering iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows mobiles. With the changing times, we are also experiencing massive changes in application structure as software development companies modernize the way of building applications.

However, app developers around the world are thinking about the future of mobile apps. Most of them say that by 2015 they will be building apps not just for the smartphones and tablets but branching out to different arenas such as televisions, foldable screens, Google glass and game consoles.

Further, the automobiles like cars and trains will have the GPS apps built for them. We can imagine a day will come when innovative apps will drive the cars themselves, while we can work on the way to our offices.

In a survey, developers have rated different mobile OS according to their preferences. They showed average rating to HTML5 framework, just for its cross development capabilities and frequent updates.

Apple is always the ruler for the developers interested in building iOS apps. On the contrary, the survey shows a fair choice to create Android apps as 76% programmers are interested in this OS.

Besides this, developers show low interest in building applications for Blackberry platform and also claim that Windows 8 is promising due to the fact that the programming for both the desktop and tablet is quite easy and interesting. These are just the views of the developers about their personal choices.

With all the different Smartphones in the market, the future for the mobile apps look extremely promising. Moreover, applications are showing explosive growth. So, the programmers have to keep up with the changing trends and be well acquainted with the latest updates in order to build the most engaging, attractive and productive apps for the users.

With the technology advancing, and the users demand varying and growing, it becomes a challenge for the mobile app makers to bring out new innovative apps.

The professionals also need to focus on the changes and understand the futuristic vision to build apps that deliver contextual customer experiences. Moreover, they have to look at what is in-store for the modern applications over the next few years and have to be prepared accordingly.

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