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As the world gears up for the biennial mega event, Vibrant Gujarat – 2015, we bring to you a consolidated report on the thriving Enterprise Mobility trends we need to look forward in 2015.

One of the most prominent takeaways of 2014 when it comes to enterprise mobility is the paradigm shift from the PC-dominated environment to total connectivity, where BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) and IoT (Internet of Things) made their presence felt. Industry experts are highly optimistic that 2015 will see a defining change in Enterprise Mobility scenario, as the vision for a connected world takes shape.

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What’s driving the Market for Enterprise Mobility?

Mobiles have become the core requirement for enterprise to work in real-time and in more collaborative ways – changing the way we do business. And with smartphones /tablets becoming ubiquitous elements in improving the user experience and business efficiency; enterprises are focusing on solutions for empowered customers using new engagement models and channels on their terms to deliver business impact.

At the same time, enterprise mobility has become a real competitive requirement for increasing number of organizations, considering placement of mobility strategies at the top of their agenda. In fact, the global enterprise mobility market is projected to exceed $160 billion by the year 2015. But, what remains a constraint for IT companies is the multitude of challenges (viz. limited budgets, tight timelines, etc.) that form the basis to roadblocks in the implementation of seamless mobile initiatives.

So, besides striking the right balance between mobile workforce requirements, cost and security; it is important to deliver effective mobility solutions that can streamline mobile access to back-end systems and accelerate core workflows. At the same time, subsequent response is to be evaluated, while minimalizing the trade-off between security and usability; besides focusing on the ultimate goals – performance and productivity.

Key Drivers

With growing number of enterprises implementing mobility solutions, the key drivers can accelerate mobile investments and propel growth to achieve one or more of following results such as:

  • Increasing workforce productivity
  • Enhancing operational efficiencies
  • Superior customer service
  • Cost reduction
  • Staying competitive

Enterprise Mobility Challenges for 2015

Companies across the world from small, SMEs and large enterprises are gearing up to embrace enterprise mobility into their business processes. However, the key challenges faced by enterprises in the implementation of mobility includes:

  • Financial Constrains
  • Incorporation to Legacy Systems
  • Challenges in change management
  • Business Process Conformation

Top 5 Enterprise Mobility Trends for 2015

1. Consumerization to be a key driver
The year 2015 in Enterprise mobility will set new trends with consumerization largely driving the enterprise mobility management (EMM) market where line-of-business managers will have an increasing influence on deployments.

2. BYOD – Still a bone of contention?
Even as enterprises continue their endeavor to strike a balance between consumerization of enterprise mobility, and the implementation of BYOD (Bring your own Device) at workplace; it is expected that the trend will continue to grow, with the IT team in enterprises not equally fascinated with the idea of BYOD.

3. Managed approach to BYOD is the road ahead
Recent studies have identified that most businesses are ready to think BYOD and even beyond it. What matters is to draw the fine line between official vs. unofficial and managed vs. unmanaged. As such, BYOD usage is to be moved by a more managed approach in 2015 courtesy the introduction of more recognized support models for employee-apt connections and devices in larger companies, as device management solutions for smartphones mature.

4. Include Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
Experts predict more enterprises to include enterprise mobility management (EMM) in a workplace strategy in 2015. This includes inclosing EMM as part of a broader workspace strategy, with the fundamental aim of offering employees access to the tools and data required by them wherever they happen to be – with the device accessible to them. Nonetheless, with the surge of enterprise multi-screening behavior, embracing a workplace strategy is the best way to benefit from it.

5. Mobile-centric business solutions
2015 is expected to be a more mobile-centric year for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) and the merchants catering to them. This is important considering the need for vendors and service providers selling to them, to hold this move as the SME market provides a potential ‘long tail’ of demand – not to forget the challenges for service provider since they are not usually considered as trusted partners by SMEs when it comes to delivering IT services.


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