Benefits of Custom eLearning Solutions

Finding the right custom eLearning software solutions can be difficult. There are several different companies out there, each offering their own unique services and products that you may find useful for your business. If you’re looking to learn more about the benefits of custom e-learning solutions, this list can help you make an informed decision about which company to work with your organization.

Here are 10 benefits of custom eLearning solutions you should know about when selecting your company or company to work with.

1) Improves Engagement

A recent study revealed that 74% of those who used e-learning software became better learners, and 91% said they would like to use learning programs more often. Is it any wonder so many businesses are using custom eLearning solutions today?

E-Learning software can boost employee engagement by helping them learn information faster, perform their jobs better, and keep up with training in a convenient manner. And if you consider that engagement is a key indicator of employee satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity, it’s easy to see why business owners would be interested in boosting worker engagement with custom e-learning solutions. On average, engaged employees are three times as productive as their disengaged counterparts!

2) Better Individualized Learning

One of the most important things you can do as a business is to train your staff to operate with efficiency and accuracy. It’s not good enough to send employees on training courses that could potentially give them the information they already know – it’s also crucial that training is done in an interactive manner which makes learning easier, and more fun and will ensure that employees have all their questions answered clearly.

The key to successful employee training and development lies in custom e-learning software – whether it’s a full suite package or a simple, bespoke solution.

3) Interactivity

The ability to interact with content provides your learners with an engaging experience, making it more likely that they’ll learn. In fact, recent research shows that users are about 4x more likely to retain information from online courses when compared to traditional classroom instruction.

This benefit alone is reason enough to invest in custom eLearning solutions! Not only will your employees be able to retain new knowledge longer, but they’ll also be able to apply it immediately—leading to increased productivity and higher retention rates across teams.

4) Personalization

Web-based eLearning software can also provide an easy way to add personalization to what you deliver. For example, if a certain section is relevant only to certain people, you can make it so that those folks only see it. Additionally, adding an element of gamification (such as badges or points) adds an element of fun that can encourage more people to engage with their training and take it seriously.

And because web learning software has a broad reach and makes distributing training materials easy (it’s in everyone’s inboxes), there’s no reason not to include elements that benefit individual users while they learn. Individuals are more likely to continue using these types of solutions if they feel like what they’re doing benefits them directly.

5) Mobile Compatibility

Some eLearning tools are mobile-friendly, but many aren’t. That makes it tough to learn when you can’t access the content. With a custom e-learning solution that you built, you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues, as it will work on any device.

And while most businesses don’t need all their employees to be able to use eLearning at any time and from anywhere – adding a feature like that can greatly enhance employee loyalty and retention. If an employee feels his or her job is more enjoyable and convenient, there will likely be less turnover in lower levels of management, and employees will feel more motivated at work.

6) 24/7 Accessibility

As with many services that are delivered online, accessibility is practically guaranteed; users can access any e-learning service, regardless of location or time zone. For businesses that operate in multiple locations and time zones, providing employees with timely training is essential to successful operations.

It’s also a significant cost saving over traditional classroom training, which requires sending employees to an external location at additional cost. With custom eLearning solutions, all training can be made available at a central location on demand—not only saving money and time but also maximizing efficiency.

7) Fully Customizable Design

If a customer views some introductory information about your company before they’re ready to buy, they might be more likely to convert at a later date than if you hadn’t provided that extra detail. For example, if you sell kitchen appliances online, potential customers will probably want to take a look at some other brands before making their final decision.

But with custom e-learning software, they can preview what your brand has to offer without leaving your site. This not only leads to higher conversion rates but gives people enough reason to learn more about your products and services so that you can maintain long-term client relationships.

8) Versatility

In a world where technological innovation is changing quickly, it’s important to have e-Learning solutions that can keep up with new developments. Built on interactive platforms, custom eLearning software enables you to connect various technologies and deploy them according to your needs.

There are several ways custom eLearning software can be used. For example, an employer could use it to train employees or a school could use it as part of its course curriculum. With different styles and purposes in mind, business owners and educators will find they have a wide variety of options when they opt for custom eLearning solutions over off-the-shelf ones.

9) Cost-Effectiveness

One advantage custom software development has over off-the-shelf solutions is that you can use it how you want to use it. You’re not paying for preprogrammed instructions or video or content that doesn’t fit with your business, and you can create just what you need without any redundancy.

This makes custom development much more cost-effective. Imagine having a CRM system, an HR system, and an e-Learning solution, all made by different companies and all costing thousands of dollars each—they may even talk to each other but chances are they don’t do exactly what you need them to do! Using a custom eLearning solution allows you to spend less time trying to get multiple systems working together and more time using them effectively.

10) Higher Conversion Rates

If you’re selling products and services on a website, e-learning software is a perfect way to upsell clients into higher-priced plans. Conversion rates increase as people learn more about your products or services – whether that means helping them understand how they work or what makes them worth purchasing.

As people become more familiar with your product, they’ll feel more comfortable investing in it because they’ll know exactly what it does and will recognize its value. The best part? When custom e-learning software presents customers with conversion options based on their individual skill levels, eLearning platforms can target different needs at different stages throughout their plan’s lifecycle.

How to Select an eLearning Software Development Company?

While there are many advantages to developing customized eLearning solutions, selecting an eLearning company is critical to ensuring that you get what you want out of your project.

Here are some questions you should ask when choosing an eLearning development partner:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • What references can they provide?
  • Do they use any specific software or service providers to develop their training?
  • Do they have experience working with other businesses like yours?
  • Is their portfolio full of examples that are similar to what you’re looking for, or do they specialize in one kind of solution?
  • Can they work with me to create a design or concept that matches my brand and needs perfectly?
  • It’s important to thoroughly vet potential partners so you’ll know if they’re right for your project and budget.


Custom e-learning solutions are a new and exciting method of providing training to individuals around your organization. By utilizing online video training, you can ensure that all your employees have access to important information from anywhere at any time. You don’t have to worry about going on location or getting employees offsite for training—they can take it when it is convenient for them and on their own terms.

Looking to build a custom elearning solution for your business?