The world of web development is dominated by two programming languages. Most of the web applications are based either on Microsoft's ASP.NET or its open source rival PHP. Before deciding to hire ASP.Net developer or PHP programmers , you should decide which one of them will be the best for your web development project. There are numerous factors which determine the choice of the programming language. Let us discuss some of these factors.


PHP is an open source. so it can be downloaded for free from the internet. It easily runs on Linux, which is free as well. MySQL, the database used by it is also free. On the other hand, ASP programs need IIS to be installed on a Windows running system, which is a paid service. Even the database is expensive here, as it requires MS-SQL, a product of Microsoft that is paid.

Ease of Coding:

PHP coding is very easy to learn and understand whereas ASP coding is quite difficult to learn. It takes time to understand the codes of ASP.

Multi-language Support:

PHP has been made on the basis of C++ programming language and its syntax is  quite similar to C/C++. Many programmer consider C/C++ as the best programming language ever. So those who are known to C/C++, will feel more comfortable with the syntax used in PHP. ASP on the other hand, has a Visual Basic kind of syntax. So, it supports various language in a platform like visual, cSharp, C++, jSharp etc. So programmers of different language can easily develop an application in ASP.

Platform Compatibility:

PHP applications can run on multiple operating systems like Linux, Solaris, Unix and Windows whereas ASP programs are basically associated to Windows platforms. Though ASP programs can run on Linux as well but, with ASP-Apache installed on the server.

While these were some of the important points where both the languages compete hard, some other points are yet to be explained. So we will see them in the second part of this article.

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