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Automated Infrastructure Management

Hidden Brains offers smart infrastructure solutions with the aim of creating a connected ecosystem of cities and buildings.

We use our expertise to improve the security of IoT infrastructure and accelerate ROI with the right IoT platform.

Our infrastructure automation solutions aim to resolve problems related to infrastructure and cities such as street lighting, traffic control, congestion and much more.

Our IT Infrastructure Management services offer a comprehensive range of robust and proven infrastructure automation services and solutions to deliver strategic value for our customer’s business.

We help deploy and implement scalable solutions with centralized management of IoT infrastructure and applications.

Our Solutions

Smart Parking

Smart parking solutions to locate parking spaces and eliminate the need to search parking spots in the city. This would help reduce the problem of traffic congestion in metro cities across the world.

Monitoring Traffic

With sensors it will be easy to monitor the bike or car traffic in real time, which provides valuable data on improving bike routes in the city and helping regarding public safety and traffic.

Street Light Automation

Street Light Automation eliminates the requirement of human interference to manage lights remotely based on several factors such as time of the day, visibility or traffic.

Building Automation

Building automation equipped with range extender for covering large area along with sensor, lights, fans and HVAC automated system to check human occupancy via Artificial Intelligence.

Connected Transportation

Transforming the transportation industry from vehicle design and manufacturing to logistics, insurance and retail sales.

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