WordPress Development Trends in 2022

Want a website that makes your work hassle-free? If you are thinking of using WordPress for this, then you must need a dedicated WordPress developer, who can handle all your online business website needs. Apart from this, you must know some of the current trends to maintain your website. These latest trends can enhance your website capability and make it much smoother. WordPress is an easy-to-use platform to create extravagant and customizable websites.

Top WordPress Trends Notable in 2022

  • Voice Search Optimization Trend
    2022 is the era of new technologies that are fastly changing the way of living. According to an Emarketer report, 111.8 million individuals in the United States use voice search tools now. Voice search is increasing day by day and almost every website has a voice search plugin to provide an extreme user experience.

    Voice search Optimisation also improves website SEO and ranking in all search engines. You can install any WordPress voice search plugin and enable your website as a search option for the users. When you do this, after a few days, you will see that your website ranking improved. You can also contact any WordPress website developer to add a voice search option.

  • Chatbot Integration
    These days most businesses are moving online, for maintaining a proper communication with their customers and visitors, chatbot integration is one of the best traits for WordPress users. This new trending feature of websites already helps many big companies to communicate directly with their customers.

    Outgrow, 2018 already stated that, by 2022, it is expected that 80% of organizations would have implemented some type of chatbot integration system. Chatbots are cost-effective, you get that software for just $50, which is far less as compared to human chat representatives.

  • WooCommerce
    eCommerce websites are mostly in trend these days. Even the future of WordPress relies on ECommerce websites. To manage eCommerce websites, there are some specific WooCommerce plugins, through which anyone can run their online stores. Even a lot of ECommerce website owners use WordPress and their WooCommerce plugins to manage their website stores.

    WooCommerce features act as a base for many eCommerce websites.WooCommerce WordPress plugin is an easy-to-integrate plugin with your online store website. The plugin will give you an extreme range of features that you can use to enhance your website user experience, which further leads to increases in sales.

  • Drag-And-Drop Web Page Builder
    The biggest difference between WordPress and other website builders is customization options. WordPress comes up with highly advanced customization features, which give you many options to build your website page like their drag and drop page builder. The most popular drag and drop web page makers are Divi, WPBakery, as well as Elementor.

    Approximately 16 percent of WordPress website users use Elementor and also most WordPress users use the WPBakery page builder plugin. These days most websites use these two plugins to build their web page. Their drag and drop features enable users to build website pages of their own choice and design even without any prior knowledge of coding languages.

  • Digital Reality – AR/ VR
    AR/ VR are two of the most exciting trends of 2022. Approx. 70 percent of WordPress websites implement these features to enable their users to interact digitally. Augmented reality features help users to add digital elements like images, videos, etc. to communicate more effectively. While virtual reality helps users to enhance their visual experience.

    You can implement these two features by installing some relevant plugins. Or you can hire or contact an experienced WordPress developer to build a website equipped with Augmented reality & Virtual reality technologies. There are some AR/ VR plugins like Ozisti, which you can install & activate to experience Augmented reality. With the help of the WP VR – 360 Panorama plugin, anyone can implement virtual reality features on their website.

  • Inducing Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
    Every user wants a fast-loading website. Progressive web apps induce websites to load faster than any other and provide an app-like user interface. These progressive web apps have a very responsive design and are completely installed on smartphones.

    PWA also helps websites to load in a slow network with increased security. Many PWA plugins are available in WordPress, which you can install in just one click and make your WordPress website lightweight and fast. These PWA enhanced the capability of WordPress, you can also say that they are the future of WordPress.

  • Incorporate Parallax
    Parallax scrolling is traditional but still in the trend line of 2022. When a visitor scrolls the page, during this the background images or content moves at a slow pace as compared to foreground content. This kind of scrolling or effect is known as Parallax scrolling or effect.

    Parallax scrolling is mostly used in single-page websites. WordPress provides plenty of parallax plugin options, by installing them, anyone can create a parallax effect on their website.

  • Mobile-Friendly Templates
    Using mobile-friendly themes or templates is still a crucial and trending step in 2022. Google’s updates already state that “websites must be mobile-friendly”, even if your website is not responsive enough, then you will get an indexing issue in the google search console (GSC) about “not indexing”.

    WordPress has lots of responsive and mobile-friendly themes or plugins that make your website fully accessible for every mobile user. Recent stats of 2022 show that WordPress has more than 9,124 mobile-friendly and responsive themes like Neve, Astra, PressGrid, and OceanWP, which you can use and make your website usable for every device.

  • Video Headers
    Videos headers are the top WordPress trends of this year. It’s like a moving header picture. When any visitor opens a website, these video headers automatically play with zero sounds.

    They already merge with the images and contribute to an amazing user experience (UI/UX). Themes like Magellan, VideoTouch, Soledad, Newspaper, True Mag, Vidiho, Ultima, Solar, and Waves are some of the top 10 WordPress themes that support this video header feature.


The website is the medium where visitors connect with their favorite brand. If you want to grow your online business or brand, you need a responsive website that helps you to sell and connect with your customers. For this, you need to contact any experienced dedicated WordPress developers to customize your website according to new trends. By implementing these above trends, you can line up your website with the current trends.

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