Internet of Things technology has grown to an extent where every industry vertical is utilizing it to automate operations or revise workflow. With the rising dependency on IoT connected devices, it would be exciting to see how this technology takes shape in the year 2018. Will 2018 be a revolutionary year for IoT? Or will some other technology replace it? Let’s know about top IoT trends that are set to rule the New Year 2018.

As per a recent survey from IHS, there are 20 billion connected devices globally and the number is bound to reach new limit in 2018. These numbers are a strong indication of steady growth of IoT concept backed by lots of investment and widespread adoption in major industries. With the rise in IoT and connected devices, the issues of security and data breach will raise more concerns. Will 2018 maintain balance between risks and advantages of IoT?

No matter where you fall on the IoT adoption curve, it is worth knowing about top IoT trends of 2018 to learn about different technologies complimenting IoT and its integration into existing systems.

1. IoT at Core of Enterprise IT Operations

Majority of enterprises today use IoT ecosystem connecting smart devices to drive their digital business. This integration of IoT into core system operations would increase and penetrate into micro-level to automate certain functions and improve overall productivity.

In the next 5 years, IoT will be the next norm in enterprises where devices and appliances like vehicles and HVAC systems can be controlled and monitored remotely. ‘IoT at the core of enterprises’ is the first and foremost IoT trend set to rule in 2018.

2. Stronger IoT Impressions in Retail, Healthcare & Supply Chain

The concept of IoT would grow to explore its usage in different arenas. This being the most obvious prediction of IoT trend, industries of retail, healthcare and supply chain industries will likely see the greatest growth. Retail industry is redefining customer experience with IoT in combination with AI and Beacons.

Healthcare industry is using IoT to manage hospital systems and would help in connecting remotely located patients with doctors and nurses. Integration with smart watches and other wearables would grow in the coming year.

3. Wider Connectivity Options

IoT experts are exploring new connectivity options, one of them being Low-Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN). Internet of Things would spread its wings in 2018 to reach low connectivity areas with technologies like Narrowband IoT that allow for widespread network coverage at a low cost.

Digging deeper into LPWAN can bring in a new wave of growth to open IoT technology for applications that have not previously benefited from connectivity. IoT trend of wider connectivity can set the path for new technological advancements.

4. Addressing Security Concerns

Security is the biggest concern affecting IoT powered systems. As IoT controls remote accessibility and gives rise to fragmentation, there are higher chances of compromising system security. 2018 will see rise of more secured systems that addresses complex network security challenges. New Year will witness the emergence of a secured connected ecosystem of multiple smart devices. This IoT trend would solve challenges of automated systems and reduce associated risks.

5. IoT & Blockchain

The distributed ledger technology of Blockchain plays a pivotal role in enhancing the security of communication between devices connected in the IoT ecosystem. The long existing problem of IoT security now sees a ray of hope with Blockchain technology.

Blockchain has the potential to transform the way we think about IoT security. 2018 would see a host of opportunities coming from Blockchain to address security related concerns of IoT systems.

6. IoT & AI

IoT and AI have evolved over the years as independent segments; however the convergence of these 2 revolutionary technologies has brought forth the potential to redefine the standards of automation. While the utility of these technologies has remained largely tethered to another device, now they are coming together to the common ‘mobile’ platform.

Advancements in machine, deep learning and natural language processing are redefining how we interact with machines. Users can imply talk to IoT devices through devices powered by artificial intelligence. 2018 will see an enormous use of AI and Chatbots that would be well complimented by IoT to establish a synchronized and automated environment. It would be interesting to see the magic of this IoT trend in 2018.

7. Big Data to Manage IoT Devices

With a sudden rise in the number of smart devices in IoT ecosystem, the amount of data that is generated becomes difficult to handle. Big Data tools and platforms that systematically manage this huge information and store it safely are coming to market.

The year 2018 will see greater use of Big Data tools that could fetch the most relevant data from a large pool as and when required. Deriving insights from Big Data would take a new shape in 2018.


Internet of Things would grow much more than a mere buzzword. Several industries that adapt to IoT trends would improve workplace productivity to maximize applications. It could be conveniently said that ‘2018 will be the year of technology’.

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