Benefits of Gated Community System

Quick Summary: Gated Community Access Control System is a need of the modern day as it helps protect your residence from thefts. You will have peace of mind with a Gated Community Access Control system. Explore more about it here.

Residential and commercial properties benefit from gates that provide residents with the highest level of security. The gated community is the first line of defense from intruders and uninvited visitors, but there is more to it. 

To advance the security of gates while managing access, gated community access control system solutions comes into action. By doing so, you can control gate access and prevent unwanted visitors.

According to the reports, gated communities are expected to enjoy a significant demand among homeowners generating billions in revenue.

Have you ever wondered what gated communities are like and what makes them so highly regarded among the residents? To put it more precisely, a gated community is an extravagant, walled community that boasts exclusivity and security for its residents. 

A diverse range of modern amenities is available for you and your family, which excites home buyers worldwide. In this blog, we will explore everything that makes the Gated community access control system the perfect solution for advancing residential property security. 

What are Gated Community Access Control Systems?

Usually, a gated access control is a type of security system used for managing access to premises, such as a gated community or home, a business, or a residential property. 

Various technologies are used in these automated systems to determine who is permitted entry, such as gate intercoms, vehicle plate readers, card readers, and garage clickers. 

This system is designed to provide convenience, security, accountability, and control over who has access to your property.

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How Gated Community Access Control Systems Work?

Gated communities refer to properties that are secured by gates or other means. 

Security staff at some communities manually verify each individual’s identification at booths before accessing the gate. 

The gate of some complexes has an automated gate that can be opened with a quick scan of the tag or key used by the resident.

Gated community access control software today has become one of the most desirable security amenities to offer tenants, whether residential or commercial. 

Gated communities are usually distinguished from non-gated areas by a name and a clearly defined geographical boundary. The gated community can be anywhere – within a city, a suburb, or a rural setting. In terms of size, they range from a few households to hundreds of them.

A gated community has more than just houses or apartments, including dorms at colleges, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

Types of Gated Community Access Control Systems

Within gated communities, access control systems vary depending on the type of project, but some systems have an advantage over others. As technology continues to advance, you may encounter a variety of gated community access control software.

Types of Fated Community Systems

Intercom Systems

This type of access control system works as a door phone within a building, facilitating communication between people via an intercom. 

The purpose of intercom systems is to enable two-way communication between two individuals, most commonly between a resident and their guests. 

Probably seen in apartment buildings, the intercom has been around for a while, and they may also come with audio or video. 

Having an intercom in a door or gate provides security since it allows you to see who is at the gate or door before you give them access to the facility.

RFID Gate Access Control System

An RFID system, or radio-frequency identifiers, is a technology that uses a special inbuilt scanner to identify items the way they operate. 

The hardware can read all the information stored in an RFID system using radio waves. To enter the property, each tenant will need a keycard after installing the RFID gate system.

Pin and Keypad Gate Access System 

Pin and Keypad gate access system is another prominent type of gated community access system that adds a layer of security to your residential society. When using a keypad gate access system, the visitor must enter a passcode or PIN to unlock the gate. Keypad entry systems for gated communities are easy to use and generally cheaper than other forms of gated entry. 

Card Reader Access Control

Card reader access control systems is used to control access to a residential complex or building using the security system, which uses card readers to control access. To gain entry, visitors swipe their card readers at the entrance gate.

The system improves access control and security by only letting authorized people into the building. Using a card reader access control system, it’s also possible to monitor the number of people that enter and leave, which helps detect security breaches.

Biometric Access Control

Using a biometric access control system, you can determine whether to let someone inside or not based on their unique biometric information.

An authorized user’s biometric characteristics like face, fingerprint, fingerprint, iris, and palm are compared to those stored in the biometric template database.

Vehicle Access Control – License plate recognition

Vehicle access control systems offer a greater level of security than intercoms. The biggest concerns are their intercom system and license plate reader (LPR). 

This gate access control system reads the license plates of all vehicles passing through the gate. In addition to allowing licenses of trusted friends and family members, the resident may also require access to these vehicles to be granted each time they enter or make it so they are notified every time a vehicle enters.

Ideally suited to large, gated communities that see a lot of traffic from vehicles instead of people.

Video Intercom Systems

A video intercom system is the next most effective type of gated access system. It’s a system that combines an intercom and a camera and controls access to a building. Like other types of intercoms, video door intercoms with cameras allow visitors and occupants to communicate. Using Video Intercom Systems equipped with a camera, occupants can verify the identity of a visitor rather than relying solely on voice recognition.

Benefits of Gated Community Access Control System

Gated community access control systems offer many benefits to residents and their families. One of the benefits these communities can provide is a greater sense of safety and security. Here are wide range of benefits gated community access control system solutions bring to the table:

Benefits of Gated Community System

An Increase in Privacy

One of the vital benefits of living in a guard-gated community with advanced gated access control system software in place is that you will enjoy greater privacy. It is possible to limit access to the home through controlled access points, usually an electric gate, which prevents uninvited guests and non-locals from entering the house. Furthermore, the homeowners can also control who enters their property and who exits it.

Round-the-Clock Security

An access control system installed in your gate can enhance security, particularly during off-peak hours, regardless of whether you have a security official at the gate. Security teams can monitor and control gate access remotely by utilizing features such as schedules and alerts.

Only Allow Authorized Individuals Access

The biggest advantage of installing an entry gate access control system is that only those who are authorized will have access to your property. An active credential is required to unlock the gate, and certain gate access controls, such as an entry schedule and user permissions, further restrict gate access.

Reduces Traffic Disruptions

For tenants entering or leaving the gated community, sitting in traffic for a long time is the last thing they want. An access control system that lacks an effective process could take up to five minutes to verify each vehicle and visitor before allowing them into the gated community. With effective access control, tenants and visitors can enter their homes immediately. By doing so, the traffic flow around the gate is streamlined, and no line of cars will be waiting to enter the gate.

Fewer Guards Required

An access control system for a gate is essential to note because it does not simply deal with the credentials of vehicles but also controls unauthorized access. There’s less need for security guards with these systems. As part of the verification process, the guards must stay at a central control center, ready to respond to any issues or problems. 

Two guards must be on duty at each gate to verify the vehicles. Fortunately, there are now electronic verification tokens or cards. It saves you money by saving you from paying so many security salaries.

Improved Monitoring

Using a gated community access control system reduces the chance of error, which benefits residents. A manual-handling system is inherently prone to errors and negligence. With the latest technology, monitoring is precise and consistent, with little or no room for errors.

Bring an End to the Traditional Keys

There are a lot of complications and drawbacks to using traditional keys. Access to certain areas can be restricted with individual keys. A bigger building needs more locks. Taking care of a janitor or high-clearance worker means carrying a bulky key ring and needing clarification about what each key does. With an access control system, people can access restricted areas more quickly, and you don’t need to call the locksmith as often.

Duplicate keys put you at risk of unauthorized access, and it won’t be a problem with the Gated access control system. As you have full control of your residence safety and security.

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Factors to Consider While Selecting Gated Community Access Control System

The purchase and installation of a gate entry system is a significant investment for residential or commercial property. When choosing a system, ensure it meets your specific requirements, budget, and expectations. This section will talk about some of the key factors you’ll need to consider while choosing a gate access control system.

Mobile App

Look into the possibility of mobile app-based access as a modern feature of your chosen system. The residents and visitors of a community can benefit from this as they have easy access and can even use this with the use of actual clickers and vehicle tags.

Access control for both Visitors and Residents

The ideal choice to count on the gated community access control solution would be to choose the one that combines visitor and resident access into a single system rather than two separate systems.

Visitors should be able to communicate with employees through intercoms, and residents should have access to a gate with RFID technology, clickers, or alternative entry methods. A unified system saves time, reduces costs, and makes it easier for everyone.

A cloud-based Access Management System

To reduce maintenance costs and overhead, ensure the gate system you choose is compatible with other access control systems in your building. The cloud-based access management systems offer the possibility of managing access to your entire property. They can support the management of the gate, fob readers, mobile application-based access, and individual access controls for each unit from a single system.

Insights into the day-to-day activity log

Security gate systems only have the capability of recording detailed entry activities. Make sure your gate system provides detailed activity logs so that you can perform better audits and better emergency mustering.

High Flexibility

Another vital factor to consider while choosing a gated security system is to ensure that it is easy to access and allows you to access the system from across the globe at your fingertips.

Easy to use for Sisitors and Guests

Both residents and guests should be able to use residential gate access control systems easily. Generally, it is necessary to install the reader at a height and distance that is reasonable for vehicles and at a location accessible for folks on foot. 

Challenges Faced While Implementing Gated Community Access Control System

Residents of gated communities enjoy the feeling of peace and security that come with controlling their property’s access. Even though it brings various perks, it does show some challenges while implementing. But by having the ideal gated community access control system software you can address all the challenges. Here is the list of major challenges: 

Booking Amenities

An amenity is one of the main selling points of a gated community, whether you are looking for fun and entertainment or just convenience. 

Managing and scheduling these amenities can be tough in larger communities, particularly for staff members. 

Having to deal with thousands of tenants trying to book their favorite amenities in the same place simultaneously is a challenge, so you will want to be certain that you has the right solution to handle the task.

Managing Parking Spaces

Gated communities can have significant challenges in managing parking, particularly for guests. With the number of responsibilities included in providing visitors with access to the site, registering to park, and maintaining inventory, parking management can only appear challenging with the right tools. 

A gate access solution offers property managers a simple method of managing parking space on their property.

Passes in Digital Format

The high traffic levels in the area make it difficult for the security guards to keep track of visitor activities and manage them effectively, given the high volume. Therefore, they are required to make a large number of intercom calls to verify visitors and approve access.

With a great platform like gated access systems, security personnel and residents can communicate efficiently and effectively, uncomplicating the cumbersome process.

No Overstays

Gated communities’ residents have a variety of service providers visiting at odd hours, such as food delivery, package delivery, taxis, plumbers, housekeepers, etc., 

Using the gated community access control system. Residents can receive notifications and alerts concerning activities only allowed within the community where children play under adult supervision.

Why is using the Gated Communities Access Control System worth it?

Over the past few years, gated communities have become increasingly popular. The reason being is advanced security, security, and safety for children and the list continues. Here we have listed down the top reasons that make Gated community access control systems worthwhile solutions among residents:

Luxurious recreational facilities

The homeowners of gated communities enjoy exclusive rights. When purchasing a home in gated community, a resident can access deluxe amenities that can be used anytime. Several services have been planned to improve the quality of life of its residents. Builders are constantly putting luxury services into place.

A stronger sense of community

Gated communities are popular among families, and they love that they create an incredibly strong sense of community among their neighbors. Whether they are gathering for social gatherings or even for daily activities, they can be at peace.

Choosing strategic locations

A gated community is commonly located in a strategic location, making it ideal for residents. As a result, this apartment is located in the center of the city, close to shopping malls, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and entertainment centers. Furthermore, its convenient location enables easy access to many amenities.

Are you ready to experience the benefits of an access control system?

How to secure your Gated Premises?

Gated communities with top-notch security protocols are more valuable than ungated communities. It is important to note that a gated community’s security depends upon several factors.

Security improvements shouldn’t impact the gated community’s exclusive amenities, privacy, or property value. With the security improvements, you will be able to increase the level of engagement within your community in due course.

To enhance security and safety, gated communities’ residents may wish to consider the following:

Modernize your surveillance system

Install a modern surveillance system that is capable of withstanding external attacks for the sake of collective protection. However, a gated community must go beyond simply installing a surveillance system for security purposes.

Locks that use advanced technology

Rental apartments usually have older locks that can be replaced with a more modern model. Gated communities require high-end locks that include an advanced locking system. The system helps keep gated communities protected from break-ins and sabotage.

Keep an eye on the perimeter

The security guards should also conduct regular perimeter checks in your community. A gated community needs to do regular perimeter checks to determine the potential security risks within the community and to evaluate them. 

A perimeter inspection provides security teams with insights into vulnerabilities and allows them to make appropriate physical adjustments to prevent unauthorized entry.


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