Ecommerce Trends

The online world keeps changing nearly everyday. When we talk about online, it could be anything including education, entertainment or eCommerce solution. Among all these, the eCommerce world is the ever-changing one. So here we will see, the predictions for the popular eCommerce trends for this year.


Online retailers are now going for local e-commerce websites. Going local does not refer only to offer the website in various languages, instead it refers to a entirely localized user experience. Therefore, the users will see more online stores based on localized design aesthetics including the use of local color tastes, local languages, local offers and of course local products and services.

We may also see more intelligent algorithms that could predict which products or services may attract a person on the basis of advanced segmentation and user profile.

Enhanced Online Security

These days, more and more consumers are switching to online payment systems like PayPal and debit or credit card transaction. As the number of online buyers will increase, the number of online financial transactions will also increase eventually. So the online retailers will garner more trust and reliability in their stores, by using one-page payment methods.

The retailers may also introduce new safer payment modes or just improve the existing ones. It is also assumed that there will be an increase in the number of online stores offering discount coupons to increase sales. These stores will also be adding online payment as an option for buying the merchandise.

Interactive product display

All the products cannot be judged by mere images. Sometimes these images could leave the customer confused. So in the coming days, product demonstration videos will offer a clear description of the product, to the confused customers.

Website content to rule

High quality and exclusive content will be the ruling factor in most of the eCommerce websites. In 2013, vendors will spend more time and effort for implementing exclusive content into their business strategies, with a focus on quality instead of quantity. As per experts, vendors will find scalable ways to produce quality content that can fuel their marketing strategies.

This year, the online store owners will be hiring skilled teams to develop high quality, SEO friendly content that could offer a better user experience. Some may even outsource their content related requirements to other companies.

Focus on mobile

These days most of the people use mobile devices for nearly every task, even when it is about online shopping. This is the reason for the popularity of the responsive web design. So the retailers will focus on designing websites that would fit the smaller screen size as well. Also the online merchants will create better and customized mobile apps.

All these trends pose a positive impact for both the retailers and customers. The retailers will gain more profits while the customers will get the ease of shopping.

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