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MVVM Architecture

MVVM architecture pattern enables enterprises to develop a large-scale complex project with reusable components and unique user interface without having to refactor other logic in the code base. Hidden Brains is an experienced application development company that helps organizations leverage the benefit of MVVM architecture through apps built using latest technologies of AngularJS, VueJS, Knockout.js, BackboneJS, React and many more. The Model View View Model (MVVM pattern) helps in systematically organizing and structuring the code to write maintainable, testable and extensible applications.

MVVM Development Services

Get your enterprise grade applications developed with Hidden Brains using MVVM architecture and the latest jQuery technologies.

  • MVVM Application Development
  • MVVM Application Maintenance & Support
  • MVVM Application Migration
  • MVVM Application Integration Services

Key Features

MVVM architecture helps in maintainability and reusability of code.

We build enterprise applications on popular MVVM frameworks

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Why Choose


We work with the latest MVVM-based technologies

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  • Simplified Application Development

    We simplify the process of application development with AngularJS - a structured client side JavaScript MVC framework for building dynamic applications.

  • Dynamic Enterprise Applications

    Using Knockout.js to build and develop dynamic JavaScript UIs for enterprise applications using the Model-View-View-Model (MVVM) pattern.

  • Real Time Data Streaming Applications

    Building fast, secure and real time data streaming Node.js web applications to accelerating your business and surge ahead of the competitors to lead the market.

  • Exceptional UI & Unique Apps

    We develop unique and appealing applications using Vue.js – a progressive, open source JavaScript framework for building user interfaces.

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