MVVM is an architectural design pattern specially targeted for UI development platforms. Model View ViewModel separates GUI, backend logic. The ViewModel of MVVM is responsible for presenting the data objects in such a way those objects are easily managed. It handles all the display logic, also serves in mediating between view and model.

Some of the popular JMVVM frameworks are Backbone JS, Knockout JS, Angular JS, Agility JS, YUI, Jquery UI and Gridster JS etc.

  • Give structure to web apps with Backbone.js. This flexible, unique JavaScript framework is MVC in nature and comes with a collection of valuable API for diverse functions by allowing modular codes. Its light nature help developers to include it in any current or future projects and provides minimal set of user interface and data-structuring that are generally used to build web applications with JavaScript.

  • Create responsive, robust display user interfaces powered by a clean underlying data model with Knockout – a JavaScript library. For dynamic updates of UI, this framework can help developers to implement it easily and more efficiently. KO’s features include, declarative bindings, dependency tracking and extensibility. It offers high-level way to link a data model to a UI by allowing developers to use jQuery for animated transitions.

  • One of the MV of JavaScript framework is Angular.js which enables creation of smooth applications for a single page and to make traditional web apps interactive. This open source framework’s compressed feature draw maximum advantage. Angular runs without library dependencies, however it can be extended with several available modules. As it is purely based on JavaScript, it also has the benefit of being server-friendly.

  • Agility.js is an MVC library for JavaScript helps developers to write maintainable and reusable browser code without the tedious or infrastructural command overhead like other MVC libraries. It helps to write web apps faster with simple long-term maintenance by MVC objects. Agility comes with a simple and flexible plugin to allow loading of Agility from and saved to a server.

  • Yahoo User Interface Library or YUI – an open source, free JavaScript and CSS library helps to build robust and interactive web apps. It enables DOM scripting, DHTML and AJAX. Its intuitive and well-documented API enables to build performance-based and easily manageable applications on browsers, mobile devices and servers from basic DOM. With high adoption rate, YUI is free for all users.

  • Gridster is a jQuery plugin that enables developers to build smart, intuitive layouts which can be dragged from elements across multiple columns. It also enables dynamic addition and removal of elements from the grid. The easy-to-use and multi-functional features makes it a favorite among the developers and programmers alike. The classic example is Windows 8 theme.

  • JQuery UI is a fast and brief JavaScript Library simplifying HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for fast web development. It makes easier to work with the DOM traversing, add effects and perform Ajax requests. It comes with a host of col features such as, light-weight, cross-browser compatibility, fast footprints, great documentation scope, short learning time and several plugins.

  • Mustache is a library which allows to read data in JSON format and display those using templates with JavaScript. It is mainly used for creating web and mobile applications. Often called “logic less”, this system comes without control flow statements, which means all the controls are data driven. Because of the heavy usage of curly braces that resembles a mustache, this framework has got its name.

  • Node.js is a platform developed on Chrome's JavaScript runtime to build easy, fast and scalable network applications. It is lightweight and efficient for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed and diverse devices because it uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model. Ideally used for Chat services, Node.js as its light-weight, high traffic, data-intensive application that runs across distributed devices.

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