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Energy Management System

Hidden Brains offers smart energy monitoring solutions to optimally deliver energy and advance environmental sustainability.

We focus on delivering industry-specific meter & sensor analytics services. Hidden Brains is focused on offering solutions to provide companies with data, insights and systems to drive energy monitoring and sustainability.

We offer a full visibility of environment and energy management cycle to help prioritize decision process, allowing an objective analysis of the impact of such decisions.

Our team is pioneer in designing, developing and delivering IoT energy management related to products, helping take advantage of smart devices and emerging technologies sensors, wireless networks, big data and computing power.

Smart Energy Monitoring Solutions

Remote Asset Monitoring

Maximize performance and minimize disruption for enhanced monitoring and proactive maintenance with remote asset monitoring.

Energy Billing

Detect discrepancies between actual and billed costs, as well as different capabilities to forecast future cost and rate benchmark to see the impact of using alternative rates.

Energy Monitoring

Energy monitoring solution to discuss the possibility and provide detailed information about the consumption and energy costs of different areas of your facility.


Customizable and real-time reports, analyzing energy data allowing using data from platform and format type, obtain list and ratios reports, export to PDF and more.


Auto notifications to act and report on irregularities in energy data such as alerts about missing data, inactivity and deviation from established targets.

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  • In-Premises Energy Management

  • Heating & Cooling Management Solutions

  • Home Control & Sensor Integration

  • Smart Grid Communication

  • Testing & Performance Simulation

  • Cloud-based Energy Monitoring

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