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Bot Development Company

Hidden Brains provides AI-powered messaging & chatbot solutions aimed at communicating with users as virtual agents, organizations' apps & websites, social and messenger platforms.

Focused on gaining the first-mover advantage, we help clients adopt this technology and develop a bot strategy aligned with the company’s technology vision and strategy.

Our team is deeply involved in developing bot solutions aimed at improving customer-facing interactions that increase cost savings, enhanced customer service, and ability to cross sell. Our bot solutions can be implemented across a cross section of industries as they can take care of multiple services like customer care, feedback, booking, and payment procedure.


Banking Bots

Secure and scalable chatbots to perform banking-related issues such as customer care, complaints, personal assistant, ATM assistant and as stock trading bots.

E-commerce Bots

Chatbots to handle ecommerce matters such as payment related grievances or queries, personalized product search, as well as order tracking.

Insurance Bots

Advanced AI bots to handle insurance processes, advise and settle claims, suggest and sell insurance policies.


Bots for healthcare related applications like health assistance, hospital navigator, and emergency online manager.

Travel & Hospitality

Bots can enhance travel experience to manage itinerary for reminders, sightseeing, as well as recommend local attractions.

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Key Features

Build Chatbots to let customers engage in natural conversations

  • Speech Recognition

  • NLP capabilities

  • Parsing

  • Omnichannel context

  • Sentence breaking

  • Word segmentation

  • Emotionally Intelligent

  • Information retrieval

Chatbots for Major Channels

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