Are You Looking to Hire Remote Developers for Your Web or Mobile App Development Project?

Hire Remote App Developers for Your Project

COVID-pandemic has brought both health and humanitarian crises. Several companies have adapted to the situation to safeguard the health and find new ways to ensure business continuity. Across industries, there is a need for transformation & reimagine new ways of working. Hire remote software developers, programmers and designers is one such way to ensure continuous development, scalability, and quick ramping of teams.

If you plan to launch a web or mobile app, it is important to hire dedicated remote app developers. Skilled and expert app developers play an important role critical to the success of your project. Companies and critics skeptical of remote developers due to long-held assumptions are now embracing the hire dedicated remote developer model. This model gives companies the flexibility and agility to scale teams.

Here are Advantages to Hire Remote Developers for Your Project

Continuous Development

Offshore Dedicated development teams work in different time zones, giving your business continuous and much-needed development support. This ensures that you have a quicker time to market. While it might not be possible to deploy an in-house team that works round-the-clock, it is possible to hire remote developers offering continuous development support, integration, maintenance, and strategic support related to deployment. Regular meetings with remote teams with overlapping schedules will help meet development and immediately solve the technical glitches.

Enhances Scalability

Hiring remote developers offers quick scalability to businesses with relatively fewer risks and overhead costs. With remote developers, you can hire experts with a background in niche technologies to bridge skills deficits. Whether there is a seasonal peak, change in business realities, or stringent deadlines, you can ensure quick scalability or ramp down the team.

A dedicated team of app developers can manage a suite of tasks ranging from the web or mobile app development, theme customization, plugin development, or a new mobile app.

Access to Global Talent Pool

A dedicated development team consists of an agile workforce quickly learning new technologies in the tech world and constantly upgrading skills to meet different project needs. The dedicated offshore team also solves these problems by embracing change and allowing the creation and implementation of innovative training programs.

When you hire remote web or mobile app developers, you can multiply productivity with access to skilled talent and re-align resources to activities related to revenue generation.

Ability to Focus on Your Core Business

For a non-technical founder or an entrepreneur, the option to hire remote developers, designers, or QA professionals offers much-needed flexibility. Owners can focus more on growing their venture and other critical aspects such as sales, marketing, business development, and client relations. Hiring remote mobile and web developers allow founders to invest more time in critical business activities. It reduces stress as experts handle development activities.

Augment In-House Team

Remote developers can augment and expand the strength of in-house teams. After all, remote developers provide the critical skills and technical expertise required in the project when they’re needed most. Remote developers can bridge the knowledge gap existing in the in-house team, and in some cases, remote developers complete repetitive tasks so that in-house teams can focus on complex issues. Demand for dedicated development teams is increasing exponentially across different domains, especially high-growth industries such as retail, real estate, manufacturing.

Lower Overheads

Cost arbitrage is one of the key benefits for businesses ranging from startups to mid-size companies. It saves companies from investing in technology infrastructure, recruitments, benefits, training & development, and more. This could be a decisive factor or breakthrough for companies looking to scale.

Process of Hiring an Offshore Development Team for Your Project

Hiring an offshore development team is a daunting task. It could be a challenging and often a daunting process. Here are steps to follow

Be Clear About Your Web or Mobile App Project Requirements

It is impotent to know your project requirement clearly to identify the right talent for your project. The most important step is to share accurate information about the project, tech stack, level of expertise, and attract remote developers.

Check the Developer Portfolio

Evaluate the ratio of completed projects and platforms. Also, try to understand their roles in the app development process. Whether the role was about supporting senior developers or it was all about completing the project single-handedly, answers to these questions will let you know the depth of the experience. Equally important is to know about domain expertise and the ability to work on complex projects.

Interview for Values and Cultural Fit

During your first round of interviews with a developer, know the culture and values. This is a crucial quality fit which is the key to successful remote team players. It is the values, passion for work, and acumen that will make a dedicated team of developers an asset. Also, gauge the developer’s ability to manage priorities as well as work independently in a fast-paced environment.

Questions for a remote worker to understand personality traits

  • Do you have any experience in a remote position?
  • The biggest challenges faced during remote work, how did you overcome them?
  • Are you able to work independently?
  • Familiarity with project management tools, calendar, and task management apps?
  • Do you work independently and troubleshoot problems independently?
  • Can you remember a technical problem in a previous project? What problem was it? How did you resolve it?
  • What is your strategy to overcome problems in web or mobile app development projects?

Technical Screening

Since you are hiring for a technical project, it is crucial to conduct a technical round of interviews to evaluate the depth of a candidate’s technical knowledge. Several Technical assessment tools help you to save time and money by selecting the most suitable candidates. You can assign a trial project to find the problem-solving, analytical, coding, and logical thinking of remote developers for hire.

How to Overcome Challenges Associated with Remote Developers

Enhance Remote Developers’ Productivity:

  • Create day-to-day task plans and schedules of priority tasks.
  • Use Automation tools and processes.
  • Leverage Project Collaboration tools to improve communication and streamline workflow.
  • Tools & Technologies to increase real-time collaboration.
  • Increase information and feedback sharing to minimize bugs.

Improving Team Spirit:

  • Evaluate team spirit to analyze affinity towards work culture.
  • Video conferencing to promote communication and collaboration.
  • Build trust organically by promoting transparency across your remote and on-site development team.

Data Security

  • Sign an NDA with your remote development team to protect business information.
  • Set up 2-factor authentication systems, as well as virtual private networks.
  • Establish a proper security infrastructure to minimize security breaches.
  • Clearly set expectations to ensure that remote developers maintain security standards.

Information Sharing

  • Create a prior meeting schedule/agenda.
  • Create virtual socializing rooms with an in-house team to increase communication.

Why Hire Remote Developer From Hidden Brains

17+ Years Exp: Hidden Brains offers expert professionals for web and mobile app development projects. Our team of expert professionals provides domain knowledge, as well as knowledge of the latest technology trends & updates.

Innovation Centric Approach: The company and its team of expert professionals deliver relentlessly towards achieving technology innovation and human ingenuity every day, serving clients in more than 33 countries. Our team consistently embraces the power of change to create value and shared success.

On-time Delivery: Hidden Brain’s developers have an impeccable record of delivering projects on time to clients. We use proven global methodologies to complete projects on time.

Remote Developers, We Offer

Hire Remote PHP Developer
Hire Remote Codeigniter Developer
Hire Remote Laravel Developer
Hire Remote WordPress Developer
Hire Remote Shopify Developer
Hire Remote NodeJs Developer
Hire Remote AngularJS Developer
Hire Remote React Native Developer
Hire Remote Android App Developer
Hire Remote iOS App Developer
Hire Remote Swift Developer
Hire Remote Flutter Developer
Hire Remote ASP.NET Developer
Hire Remote C# Developer
Hire Remote Xamarin Developer
Hire Remote UI/UX Designer

Our Hire Remote Developers Models

Regardless of the business size or complexity of the project, hiring professional developers is a crucial task. It is essential to know the different hiring models and select the model which meets your needs. Each model comes with pros and cons. Understand different hiring models and know which could be the best for your enterprise.

Managed Team

In this model, Hidden Brains takes complete responsibility for your app development needs. This model allows business owners to focus on the strategic activities of a growing business, soaring to new heights of success. Our software developers will be accountable for all your project needs.

Client Managed Team

In this model, our dedicated development team will seamlessly collaborate with an in-house team or project managers. Our dedicated offshore development team will act as a natural progression or extension of your team, providing critical support to your in-house team.

Hybrid Model

The hybrid model provides the much-needed flexibility in deploying part of your team on-site while the rest of your team works from an offshore location.

Before hiring remote developers you should know little about remote developers and their types.

Who are remote developers?

Remote developers are dedicated developers who work for your company from a remote location. They are outsourced assets that are working from different locations. As the working methodology is shifting it is necessary to hire remote developers. Let us dive into the types of remote developers before you hire a remote developer for your brand.

Dedicated developer

Remote dedicated developers are developers who work for your company’s project and can be bound using outsourcing contracts. They work full-time on the project and have to fulfill certain requirements that are given by the company with which they are associated. The company has full control over the work of the developers. With these developers, you get 100% commitment and maximum security with your confidential information of the project.

Extension developers

Sometimes, companies hire remote developers as an extension to their in-house teams to bridge the technology gap as it cant be fulfilled in their local regions. The technology expert will associate with your in-house team to offer his/her expertise on the project and enhance the performance.


When there are some minor projects, then companies prefer to hire freelancers to fulfill the requirements. The requirements for these projects are pre-defined so companies know what they are looking for when they hire freelancers. The freelancer works on different projects and have a wide skill set. Besides bringing a new pool of skill-set, the hiring process for the company is easier and they have to invest less money. However, if freelances offer a broad skill-set then they also expect flexibility in the timing of their work. So, companies have to give them their freedom in pace and timings when they hire them for a certain project.

IT Staff Augmentation

This is another way to hire remote developers and fill the technology gap for the companies. You can opt for a small staffing agency, recruitment agency, or traditional staff provider to fulfill your needs. However, this method is not budget-friendly in the long run and you may experience a lack of dedication in the staff due to the hiring model.

Steps to Hire Remote Developers

Steps to Hire Remote Developers

How to hire remote developers? If you are stressed with this issue then Hidden Brains is here to the rescue. Hiring web & mobile app developers from Hidden Brains is an easy process. Here is how to hire expert developers for your project.

Drop an Inquiry: Simply send us an inquiry, providing information about your web development or mobile app development project, as well as your objectives.

Consult With Our Experts: Our business analyst will provide technical feasibility and analysis of your project.

Select Engagement Model: Based on your budget, business needs, and technical assessment, you can select an engagement model that meets your needs.

Sign Off and Begin Work: Sign the agreement and your dedicated developer begins work on your web development or mobile app development project.

Scale Your Team: Expand your team based on your development needs.

Final tips

Whether you are looking to hire a developer for a short-term project or a dedicated development team for a long-term project, it is important to create a cohesive and inclusive work environment for remote developers.

Remember, they are a strategic asset to achieve your business objective. Keeping your priorities and project roadmap clear will play an instrumental role in a successful partnership.

Ensure that remote developers don’t work in silos, rather they should have a clear understanding of your strategy and their role to make things work. Partner with a reliable web & mobile app development company with a talent pool of professional developers for your project.

You will be able to compare different answers and understand different outlooks, giving you a better perspective to hire dedicated developers. It is important to share concerns about potential problems to manage in the future through collaboration.

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