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Technology Services Provider

Hidden Brains offers technology services to address challenges such as application development and maintenance, upgrades and testing, API Integration, MongoDB consulting development, toolbar development, search solutions and more.

Our team of experienced technical consultants identifies right technology & tools to realize the business goals including, streamlined operations, enhanced user experience, improved ROI, reduced costs and availability of real-time information to generate actionable insights.

We offer strong domain expertise and technical excellence, as well as apply industry best practices to create a sustainable impact on our client's business. Whether it is modernizing legacy systems or developing search architecture, our end-to-end services assist clients navigate through changing business realities.

Application Services

Application services to ensure optimum performance in order to meet the business needs of tomorrow. We provide custom applications using existing and emerging technologies to meet specific business requirements.

API Integration

Custom API development & integration services for new and legacy enterprise applications to make your apps more robust and scalable.

MongoDB Consulting Development Services

Expertise and the support needed to use or explore MongoDB. Services right from system architecture, schema design, upgrades to migration strategies, and more.

Streaming Technologies

Leader in real time data streaming tools & technologies to empower your team to make strategic decisions, utilizing the rapid growth of streaming technologies.

Toolbar Solution

Custom toolbar solutions for all popular browsers such as FireFox, Chrome, and Explorer to empower your business and enhance user experience.

Social Networking App Development

Custom built social media apps that help brands & businesses to harness social network, expand business network, enhance brand loyalty and credibility.

Search SolutionsCustom solutions to help businesses develop and run their own search features.

Sphinx Search

Sphinx search solutions designed for enhanced performance, relevant search quality results, seamless integration and optimized performance.

Apache Solr Search

Specializing in Apache Solr enterprise search platform built on Apache to build your search engine infrastructure.


Expertise in Elastic Stack Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats and Logstash to provide Enterprise-level Elasticsearch solutions designed to search, analyze and visualize data.

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