Apache Lucene is an amazing full-text search engine library that provides full-text indexing and search capability to Web or Enterprise applications. Apache Solr, an open source search platform by Lucene, is especially useful for enterprise, e-Commerce and website search.

Enterprise level search functionality may include internal software for content or document management, file systems and databases. Integration of Solr with content management systems can make searching any given document a matter of seconds, which is usually a very time-consuming task. It is same with web site navigation.

An e-commerce portal with massive products list or a content based website containing hundreds or thousands of pages, it gets very difficult to navigate through and reach the right product list or web page. Lucene-Solr, a Java based search engine, provides incredibly fast search function to match exactly the search query.

Why Solr?

Given huge data such as documents, old files, an array of products, case studies etc., it is important to create well-defined content management architecture to allow quick search functionality. Solr is a full-text feature that examines each document in its entirety to give you the most relevant results as per the search criteria.

In combination with Hadoop technology, it also facilitates distributed searching and multi-indexing that further reduces the search time. Its high indexing and searching performance make it a sought-after technology for search functionality. It can be integrated with e-commerce websites based on Open Cart, X-Cart, Magento and other shopping carts and CMS based on Drupal 7 and WordPress.

Our Propositions

We offer comprehensive Solr integration services for e-commerce websites, content based websites and internal enterprise level content management systems. We also specialize in developing new websites and content architecture integrated with Solr technology.

  • In-depth analysis of existing eco-system
  • Solutions to enhance search capability
  • Solr Consulting
  • Create Solr architecture to suit your requirements
  • Solr integration with existing site
  • Tuning performance of existing Solr functionality
  • Post implementation support

Over 5250 apps delivered on time, within budget

We deliver highest level of customer service by deploying result-driven project management and seamless communication.

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Business Values

Reaching out to the right people and eventually growing their business with extensive IT services
  • Enhanced search performance
  • Highly relevant search results
  • Optimized performance
  • Increased business impact
  • Cost-effective Solr integration

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