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Creating Enriched Browsing Experience

Hidden Brains is a leading company specializing in toolbar development services and toolbar programming. Our team specializes in developing toolbars, addons, plugins and more for leading browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox as well as custom solutions.

With dedicated technology skill sets focused towards design and development of dynamically changing toolbars, we have a solution for all types of toolbar development requirements.

We enhance functionality of the browser through activation of the countless widgets like pop up blocker, banners, news ticker, 404 & DNS error redirect, current weather and install additional functions and features and much more.

Firefox Toolbar Development

Hidden Brains is a leading Firefox toolbar development company empowering businesses right from small start-ups to corporate giants succeed in the tough competitive world with our custom solutions.

Chrome Toolbar Development

High-end custom web solution provider Hidden Brains offers a wide spectrum of personalized Chrome extension, plug-in and toolbar development services for multiple business lines and professionals across the globe.

Internet Explorer Development

As a Custom web solution agency, Hidden Brains offers a wide spectrum of personalized IE extension, plug-in and toolbar development services for diverse industries spanning across the globe.

Key Features


Take personalization to new heights with toolbar skins that meet your mood and personality.


User defined addition/deletion/modification for tabs based on requirements.

API Based Toolbar Operations

Effective integration with other products and provide dynamic display of content.

Search box features

Incorporate different forms and functionality of search engines within the toolbar.

Drag & Drop Files/Folders

Add features to manage files and folders such as Drag and drop.


Publishing user designed and defined plug-ins.


Get the latest updates of all the things happening across the globe.

Customize toolbar

User can customize the toolbar and set its own buttons and urls for redirection.

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