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Social Network App Development Services

Social networking app development for each and every platform right from smartphones, tablets, laptop/desktop, or smart TV.

Social Networking Application



Features to improve shareability and discoverability of the content such as photo effects, background colors, customizable bios, links and more.

Map Integration

Option to capture and monitor local trends and enable users to engage effectively with your local target audience and respond when necessary.


Leverage user generated content such as sharing the posts, stories, audio, video, presentation and photos with social media feed.

Real-time Chat

Instant chat feature with the option to communicate with users with instant messaging features to connect users across the globe.

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Media/Video Sharing Networks

Social networking applications to share media online, including photos, video, and live video.

Video Uploading

Video posts uploading with the option to add a filter, a caption and tag your location for sharing the post.

Live Videos

Option to broadcast live videos to followers on social networking sites.


Option of Geotagging for photos or videos displaying the exact street where you posted the photo to reach out to a region specific audience.

Direct Messages

Feature to directly send messages to people to connect and socialize with both existing and new users.

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Q&A Sites/ Discussion Forums

Social networking sites to find, discuss, and share news, information, and opinions.

"Subscribe" Feature

Receive frequent updates about your favorite topics and people whenever there is an update.

Create Forum

Option to create discussion forums for deep customer research and brutally honest opinions.

Search Feature

Conducting a topic wide search using the search functionality.

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Client Testimonials

Our clients talk about Hidden Brains experience in a multitude of social media website and app development services.

Client Testimonials

Our clients across the globe recognize our persistence to deliver industry-focused technology solutions, as well as our flexible processes.


Get all your questions answered before hiring the right resource

What are the important features to consider in social media app development?
The integration of functionalities depends on the idea of your business services but some of the important features that help to connect users from each other are bots, news feed, interactive user interface, and many more.
What is the cost of social media app development?
There is no exact answer to this question as it totally depends on your idea, user interface and functionalities which you want to integrate into your solution.
Is it worth it to invest in social media app development services?
Yes, it is fully worth as now the world has turned into digitalisation and social media applications have many benefits such as -
  • Increase direct interactions
  • Allows you to build customer relationships
  • Provide you an opportunity to understand your audience
  • Build your own community
Why should I choose Hidden Brains for my project?
We understand your goals and by having 20+ years of experience, our experts allow you to transform your idea with a unique approach and leverage the benefits of the advanced technologies. Apart from this, we have a pool of dedicated and professional developers, who channelize their efforts to build social media applications for you.
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