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Hidden Brains product engineering services aim to empower established companies adapt to dynamically changing landscape through innovation and agility. We partner with enterprises and ISVs to help them translate emerging technology trends in form of a viable product. Our product engineering teams are truly aligned with a vision of delivering future ready software products that are fully compliant with industry standards.

Digital consumers are inclined towards products driven by latest technologies, delivering quality user experience and enhanced flexibility across environments. Hidden Brains Product Engineering & Operations team delivers strategic business value to legacy systems improvising the overall performance of software product and making it scalable to match current market standards. Our legacy application migration services are aimed to ensure that migration to technologies occurs without interrupting your operations.

Our Capabilities

Deliver Robust Performance with Product Development, Modernization & Testing Services

  • Product Modernization

    Hidden Brains product engineering solutions team envisions your idea of product modernization and transforms it into a reality with high level expertise and knowledge base. Products need regular updates to stay abreast with current technology trends and consumer preferences. Being well-acquainted with organization structure, needs of digital market and changed consumer behavior, we help in building of next generation software product.

  • Product Development

    We undertake continuous product development by designing the technology architecture, developing seamless environment and delivering integrated products. With technology led approach, we deliver consistent business value across product design engineering life cycle. Hidden Brains helps to deliver immaculate products that exhibit superior performance across diverse environments, multiple devices and load scenarios.

  • Product Testing

    Hidden Brains offers full spectrum of product testing services to gauge its usability quotient and adaptiveness to technologically advanced market. We maintain the highest quality of product with rigorous testing through appropriate processes, tools and automation frameworks. Get in-depth reports based on quality and reliability criteria from our professional product testing team.

  • Product Maintenance

    In order to keep your software product in perfect shape and compliant with current industry standards, we provide product support and maintenance services. Product maintenance team at Hidden Brains actively handles troubleshooting along with bug fixing and making enhancements to existing product. We ensure smooth migration to other platforms and technology in the future, that too in minimal costs.

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