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Integrated IT Managed Services Provider Company


Hidden Brains unlocks the mechanics of business and technology to offer next generation integrated IT managed services. We thoroughly review all of your existing system to understand workflow of operations, people and processes. After analyzing liabilities and challenges in current processes, Hidden Brains helps you to explore opportunities that could maximize your efficiency.

We help you to reduce overhead of hiring and managing resources by providing an extended team that works dedicatedly, just for you. Product maintenance and support, customized technology solutions and cloud services are formulated to address your unique business needs. Our enterprise managed IT services are aimed at enabling agility and scalability of your business. By aligning IT operations with business processes, we provide you technical expertise that helps in taking advantage of the digital world.

  • Tailor-made services to stay ahead of competition & deliver with a faster time-to-market
  • Innovative services focusing on strategy, planning & long-term optimization
  • Maintaining all-inclusive systems, tools & portfolios
  • Analyze processes, people & holistic business needs of clients
  • Comprehensive solutions to adapt to fluctuating economy, business strategy & globalization



Our CapabilitiesDeliver key IT services in wake of change, technology upgrades & adaptations.

Hidden Brains helps enterprises to navigate through today’s ever-changing competitive landscape by improving business processes, building strategies and implementing new technologies. Our suite of comprehensive managed CX services enable clients to deliver exceptional customer experience with the right combination of people, processes and technology.

We help enterprise meet the changing dynamics of customer behavior to constantly reinvent their products and services. We leverage emerging technologies such as social, mobile, analytics and cloud to take customer experience to the next level.

At Hidden Brains, we evolve and support your enterprise to deliver exceptional customer experiences. We take care of the design and development of customer experience, so that large enterprises can focus on core business.

Get extended team that works in coordination to your existing team for leveraging opportunities and benefits of instant scalability. Our IT team augmentation services enable you to utilize experience of talented resources without practically following the lengthy cycle of hiring and managing them. Hidden Brains provides you with a dedicated team of senior professionals and gives complete control over their work allotment and shift timings.

Managing existing IT team will serve as a key to business success lies in its effectiveness to manage any type of unexpected problem or market reality. We provide a one stop solution to allow you to handle such instances while you focus on your business.

Benefits of IT Team Augmentation:
1. Dedicated technical resource allocation
2. Access to pool of certified professionals
3. Control over staff, closely work and manage augmented staff
4. Increased efficiency and achievement of short-term technology goals
5. Maintenance, management and support for enterprise applications

Information technology elements need to be managed properly to enable smooth working in an organization. There are an array of aspects to be managed in an organization - data, confidential information, infrastructure, records, litigation support and cataloging. Hidden Brains offers end-to-end IT management and support including program development, digitization, e-records management, web hosting, legal and paralegal project management, mailroom support, scanning and imaging, data entry and circulation control. Hidden Brains aims to address your ongoing IT management and support needs through regular management of systems and networks that keep your PCs, servers and networks up and running, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

We help you to respond to changing business conditions and increase business continuity and productivity through our unique IT solutions. Allow us to manage the tedious task of IT management and support while you focus on growing your core business.

Product Health Check

Constant monitoring and tracking the status of product helps in gathering valuable recommendations on how to optimize your systems. At Hidden Brains, we predefine a set of conditions to gauge the performance of app and measure its health status. With such active monitoring of application, all the concerns with respect to design, speed and performance are addressed.

Patching Updates

Hidden Brains closes all doors of vulnerability in software leaving no room for malware attack with its advanced patch update. We build a piece of software that updates computer program and supports data to fix security breaches and other bugs. Identifying the root cause of problem, we integrate a patch in the existing system by modifying a part of it or completely replacing it.

Hidden Brains offers comprehensive range of Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) services to help companies stay competitive, reduce downtime and cut costs while adhering to the highest standards of security and compliance.

We provide proactive support – aiming to come out with a quick and cost-effective solution to manage your infrastructure and database. With our effective Remote Infrastructure management services, you can monitor your infrastructure and its components, including servers, databases, networks, applications, and storage devices from remote and global delivery sites.

IT Managed Services

Cloud Consulting Services

Hidden Brains’ Cloud consulting services help customers leverage the power of cloud as part of overall business strategy. We will help you narrow down on the top cloud technologies based on your business requirements and chart out a roadmap to enhance your IT infrastructure, increase time-to-market and ultimately improve user experience.

Cloud Hosting Services

Our cloud hosting services are aimed at improving business agility while lowering costs. At Hidden Brains, we help you determine top cloud services right from custom private clouds, managed public cloud, hybrid clouds, AWS, Microsoft Azure that best fits your business environment ensuring greater flexibility and scalability.

Cloud Migration Services

Hidden Brains’ Cloud Migration service is all about migrating applications to cloud environment to offer scalability and high performance. Cloud Migration Services help identify areas for improving critical business functions. Our solutions mitigate risk, maximize performance and invoke robust, repeatable processes leading to future business growth.

Cloud Support Services

We offer cloud support services including cloud readiness services that helps organizations in adopting cloud technologies. Our team’s global reach, technical expertise, proven processes and personalized approach to assessreadiness for cloud adoption will deliver stability for your cloud environment.

Key Differentiators

Managed services to give you visibility and control to improve efficiency.

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