While developing BigData applications, it may be easier to download and install the core components of BigData development like, Hadoop and MapReduce for designing, developing, and deploying analytic applications. However, these still require some skill-sets and expertise to acquire BigData system software through an open source.

Coordination services are essential while designing and developing a distributed system. Apache Zookeeper is one such high-performance coordination client/server services for these distributed applications. The functionalities provided by Zookeeper are frequently developed as part of Hadoop application. Hadoop’s utmost technique for addressing big data challenges is its competency to distribute and get better with Zookeeper.

At Hidden Brains, our Zookeeper Administration engineers are involved in synchronization and coordination of process and object namespace across different distributed applications. We adopt methods to simplify MapReduce programming to support the capabilities over analytics.

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BigData Zookeeper

Why Zookeeper

  • Synchronization
  • Sequential Consistency
  • Atomicity
  • Single System Image
  • Simple API
  • Reliable Messaging
  • Redundant Services

What we offer

  • Process synchronization
  • Configuration management
  • Self-election
  • Name service
  • Deployment of analytic applications
  • Locking
  • MapReduce

Business Values

Reaching out to the right people and eventually growing their business with extensive IT services
  • Distributed file system hierarchical
  • Reliable configuration services
  • Probabilistic load balancing
  • Consistent client view
  • Cost effective
  • Quality proven services
  • Proven methodologies for maximum output

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