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Zookeeper for Big Data

Hidden Brains is a reputed provider of ZooKeeper Big Data services in India and USA. We coordinate distributed processing across large clusters of data.

Our talented ZooKeeper specialists are apt at synchronization and coordination of process and object namespace across different distributed applications.

Hidden Brains help organizations in building of distributed applications using methods that simplify MapReduce programming and support the capabilities over analytics. We utilize this open source Apache project for building a centralized infrastructure and providing synchronization services across an Apache Hadoop cluster.

We realize the need for having a centralized management of the entire cluster for name, group, configuration management and synchronization services. Our ZooKeeper synchronization services alleviate management and serialization tasks across a large distributed set of servers.

Key Features Know about the exclusive and prime features of Apache ZooKeeper.


Centralized management system of distributed applications is reliable as it keeps working even if a node fails or malfunctions.

Simple Architecture

ZooKeeper has simplistic architecture with shared hierarchical namespace. This enables easy coordination between processes.


The best part about ZooKeeper is that it can be scaled up or down as per the specific requirement by simply adding nodes.

Fast Performance

The processing in ZooKeeper is relatively fast, especially for read-dominant workloads where ‘reads’ are more commonly used than ‘writes’.

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Why Choose


Apache ZooKeeper Monitoring Services Provider

Why Hidden Brains Why Hidden Brains Why Hidden Brains
  • Implement Coordination Services

    We relieve distributed applications from the responsibility of implementing coordination services from the scratch.

  • High Throughput

    We build system such that all the data of ZooKeeper is stored in memory to experience the benefits of high throughput and low latency numbers.

  • Proper Synchronization

    With strict ordering of data and processes, we allow for the implementation of sophisticated synchronization primitives.

  • Consistency

    With proper ZooKeeper implementation, we ensure all updates from the client will be applied in the order that they were sent.

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