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Apache Thrift Framework Development

Hidden Brains is an experienced Apache Thrift framework development company providing cross-language support and solutions for polyglot code systems.

We utilize code-generation engine and software stack of this open source tool from Apache Software Foundation to support cross-language engineering.

Hidden Brains is known for building innovative applications with the capability to cross-communicate using Apache Thrift. Our experts develop applications that communicate seamlessly, irrespective of different technologies that they are built on (Java, C++, Python, PHP, Ruby and so on). We help companies to deal with the situation where polyglot systems make the overall administration complicated. With Apache Thrift, we enable different modules of a system to cross-communicate flawlessly and integrate various aspects of the IT architecture.

Key Features Explore unique features and API client/server architecture of Apache Thrift.

Cross Language

Apache Thrift offers cross language support ranging from Ruby to C++ and also from JVM languages to .Net languages.


Apache Thrift offers support for TBinaryProtocol, TCompactProtocol, TDebugProtocol, TDenseProtocol, TJSONProtocol and TSimpleJSONProtocol.


This open source tool of Apache supports TFileTransport, TFramedTransport, TMemoryTransport, TSocket and TZlibTransport.


Thrift provides a number of servers such as TSimpleServer, TThreadPoolServer and TNonblockingServer.

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Apache Thrift Framework Development Company

Why Hidden Brains Why Hidden Brains Why Hidden Brains
  • Cross-language Serialization

    We make the best use of Apache Thrift to manage cross-platform object serialization and deserialization.

  • Multiple Protocols

    Our Apache services provide support for multiple protocols, i.e. same service can communicate using a binary protocol, XML or even JSON.

  • Client Server Interface

    Through Apache Thrift, we ensure to generate consistent and error prone client as well as server interface.

  • Scalable Applications

    Our Apache Thrift applications allow for soft versioning and support third-party team to make RPC calls as and when needed.

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