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Apache Pig Development

Hidden Brains is a center of Big Data excellence and offers innovative, enterprise-grade Apache Pig development solutions to clients across the globe. Pig is a platform for creating programs that run on Apache Hadoop. We have immense knowledge and expertise in solving complex SAP and Hadoop problems. Our experts use Pig to execute Hadoop jobs in Apache Spark and MapReduce. They feed scripts using Pig Latin language upon which the compiler breaks them into smaller MapReduce jobs and stores all of them in Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).

Apache Pig Services

We provide quick exploration of large datasets with Apache Pig services:

  • Pig based Ecommerce Development
  • Pig Theme Development
  • Pig Plug-in Development
  • Pig Solutions Integration
  • Pig based Enterprise Solutions
  • Pig Solutions Upgrade

Key Features

Know about the salient features of Pig that make it capable to handle very large data sets.

Delivering simplistic Apache Pig Solutions

We build

  • ideas

  • websites

  • apps

  • processes

  • relationships

  • strategies

that people

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  • enjoy

  • want

  • connect with

  • trust

  • think about

Why Choose


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  • Solution Customization

    At Hidden Brains, we customize web graphics, web content and layout to make your Apache Pig solutions more appealing.

  • Business Process Integration

    We ensure seamless integration of other business processes with Apache Pig solutions for smooth information exchange.

  • User Defined Function

    For data sets that are huge and complex, we develop user defined functions (UDF) in other languages such as Java, Python and Ruby.

  • Optimized Pig Working

    Through the ETL process, we execute the tasks as a series of MapReduce jobs on Hadoop cluster and optimize them.

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