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Dashboard Expert Services


Hidden Brains offers highly specialized, interactive and well-designed IT dashboards services to meet your business needs; right from strategy, structure, and execution to performance lifecycle - giving insights into the deepest analytics of your business operations. Our IT metrics & dashboards services allow analysis of performance metrics and key IT performance areas, such as changes, data accuracy, events occurred and duplicity.

We provide you a single tool to monitor, analyze and prepare reports for various IT functions, providing an effective representation of IT functioning within an enterprise. With a combination of data visualization, BI, advance analytics, machine learning and deep learning, we offer dashboards and metrics services to clients empowering them to make informed decisions.

  • Simple Set-up
  • Business Unit Relations
  • Customer Support
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • User Relevance

Our Propositions

Our Propositions

Our Capabilities Dashboard development services, including data visualization, BI and business analysis.

Our team provides digital dashboard to prioritize the data gathered from different sources to display the most critical information in an easily digestible manner. We use the most actionable info from your connected data sources, we create intuitive visualizations and reports giving you the insight you need to run your business in one holistic view.

  • Define service metrics
  • Get trends on critical parameters
  • Manage different calculation methods
  • Calculate each metric & field service metrics

With our Reports & Dashboards, Hidden Brains team assists clients achieve goals with powerful information to help you make strategic business decisions. Hidden Brains reports & dashboards give instant access to operations and critical business information.

  • Define and setup reports
  • Create and customize dashboards
  • Embed reports and dashboards
  • Provide control to access reports
  • Define roles and visibility restrictions

Hidden Brains team provides BI dashboard to track KPIs, metrics, and other key data points. We offer mobile BI appropriate for a business, department, or specific process at a single access, as well as responsive design services for multi-channel access to reports and dashboards.

  • Deploy mobile BI apps
  • Access data on various BI platforms
  • Consumer data while on the move
  • Formatted reports
  • Custom dashboards for mobile devices

Risk identification involves the process for identifying and analyzing potential project risks that can adversely impact the project delivery. This step minimizes risk throughout the project as the pointers for risk identification can be used for effective risk analysis to reduce uncertainty. Our team follows an iterative process that helps identify risks throughout the project duration.

  • Gathering information from various sources
  • Reliable and high quality information is essential for effective risk management
  • Applying risk identification tools and techniques, as well as documenting the process
  • Choice of the best suitable techniques will depend on the types of risks and activities
  • Identified risks should be documented along with its causes and consequences

Iteration is crucial to building great products and our team builds prototype until idea is perfected. Our team uses highly iterative approach for building user centric interfaces with a meticulous examination of use cases right to testing activities in UI prototyping stage. With our prototype testing, we get user feedback even before coding begins.

  • Evaluate new designs for consistency and ability to meet users’ requirements
  • Iterative testing to ensure that major issues do not arise
  • Provide confirmation about new design direction, branding and messaging

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