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Hipaa Compliant Chat Messaging System
Hipaa Compliant Chat Messaging App
Hipaa Compliant Chat Messaging Software
Hipaa Compliant Chat Messager for Website
Hipaa Compliant Chat Application
Chat App for Healthcare

Bridging the gap in healthcare through technology

How a custom-built real-time communication SaaS solution solved the pain of 100+ clinics, keeping patient's confidentiality and integrity in place through a HIPAA compliant platform.

Patient Pass Background

Background15+ Years of
experience in the Field01

Chat Application for Doctor

The customer is a well established and practicing family medicine doctor with over 15+ years of experience in the field. He has been running his private practice for many years but had struggled with the maintenance and management of an ordinary medical practice trying to keep up with the daily flood of voicemails.

The Pain Areas02

The Pain Areas
Missed Opportunities

Missed Opportunities

Calls were dropped. Voicemails were saved under the wrong extensions. Messages were lost.

Patient Frustration

Patient Frustration

His patients faced constant struggles when trying to get through to his office.

Internal Stress

Internal Stress

The current processes were taking heavy tolls on the staff who wanted to help but didn't know how.

High Costs

High Costs

All existing systems were designed for large healthcare providers and were very expensive

Complicated Features

Complicated Features

The existing systems were also far too complex and loaded with unnecessary features

About The Healthcare Chat App

About The

HIPAA compliant
messaging system

Patient Pass is a secure HIPAA compliant messaging
system that is tailor-made for private clinics. Created by a doctor - it is specifically designed to meet the needs of not only his office but other offices he saw struggling with the same communication issues.

Secure HIPAA Compliant Messaging App
HIPAA Compliant Messaging App for private clinics
HIPAA Compliant Messaging App for doctors
HIPAA Compliant Messaging App for healthcare

Key Features

Patient Chat

Live & secure chat feature to
communicate easily with your patients


Easily book, manage, track, and
update all scheduled appointments

Video Chat

Secure video chat feature to
facilitate telemedicine bookings

Team Chat

Internal secure chat to communicate
easily with the other members of the clinic

To-Do Lists

Easy to track, assign, and complete tasks.
You'll never have to look for that post-it again

HIPAA Compliant

Fully secure to ensure that your medical
records are encrypted and private

Key Challenges
Chat App Key Challenges Key Challenges of Chat Application

Secure Storage

Fully secured storage of
all e-Health Records and PHI

SaaS Model

With flexible subscription plans
to find the right fit for your team

Key Challenges04

HIPAA Compliance

Ensure data at rest and transmission
is secured

Live Chat Security

We had to make sure that the live chat could not be
compromised to protect patient data


The customer wanted a custom chat interface to
provide the patient with a seamless experience


The system needed to be robust enough to handle
all incoming queries

SMS Integration

So patients can connect from their phone without
accessing a patient portal

Document Security

Needed to ensure that all uploaded
documents were not compromised

Multiple Stakeholders

Coordination with the client, staff, HIPAA Consultant, and
3rd Party support

Resistance from Clinic Staff

The clinic staff were hesitant to use a complex system and
so the system needed to be customized accordingly

The Impact of Chat app in Healthcare Industry

The Impact05


Improvement in Team Efficiency


Increase inReferrals From
Existing Patients


Reduction in Booking Time


Improvement in Scheduled


Increased transparency
concerning clinic operations

Advanced Dashboards

To track conversion rates & guide
business decisions

Insightful Reports

To track all relevant data and drive
strategic decision making

Hidden Brains' Path to Success
Live Chat app for Healthcare Industry

Hidden Brains'
Path to Success 06



Our initial approach was just to feel out the client's vision for the application, understand his current pain areas, and establish a strong, open channel of communication. Throughout this phase, our goal was only on understanding the client's point of view.

Once we had established a strong relationship, we scoped out the entire project to develop a WBS (Work-Breakdown Structure) document detailing the client requirements along with our recommendations & best practice guidelines to formulate a clear plan to move forward


The Hidden Value

19+ years of experience, with over 50+ successfully delivered projects in the healthcare industry. Through the discovery phase, we also planned demonstrations with some of our previous work in the domain to showcase our expertise.

Additionally, given the client's non-technical background he was looking for a reliable partner to guide him through this process. A role we were happy to assume. We performed a complete technical analysis which included an evaluation of the technology stack, system architecture, and suggested 3rd Party integrations.

Conclusion: MEAN Stack, PWA, Integrations - PubNub Chat and Stripe Payment Gateway


Requirements Analysis

In this stage, we employed a two-step process to create the most value for the client.

1. Functional Requirements

As is standard practice addition we broke down each function and performed a complete and thorough analysis of all the possible use cases and scenarios.

2. Non-Functional Requirements

Keeping into consideration the pain areas, and the requirement for HIPAA compliance, we also drafted comprehensive guidelines and practices to ensure security, privacy, and performance.

The Result: A gameplan for the product and our bible through the SDLC


UI/UX and Design

The client had only one primary concern for both the clinic and patient portals - it needed to be very easy to adopt and use by anybody irrespective of their technical know-how.

Our Strategy

Clinic App

Keeping in mind the initial resistance we had already faced, our design team interacted with the clients' staff and built unique user personas for each entity. Based on the personas we created simple yet intuitive designs for each module. We also ran each design by the client to build a real-time user feedback loop.

Patient App

Our designers followed one simple motto - KISS (Keep It Simple Silly). Keeping in mind best UI practices we formulate a simple interface to mimic most major messaging apps to offer a seamless experience for all patients that choose to use the application.



The client had only one primary concern for both the clinic and patient portals - it needed to be very easy to adopt and use by anybody irrespective of their technical know-how.

The build phase started with setting up the local staging environment, followed by platform-based code development of all the system interfaces with a systematic unit and integration testing strategy to ensure product quality.

Through this phase, the team focused on establishing stringent security and privacy protocols to ensure HIPAA compliance every step of the way. We also seamlessly integrated PubNub chat to facilitate real-time communication and Stripe payment gateway for all payments


Compliance and Testing

Once the product was built and ready, we were finally ready to tackle perhaps our biggest challenge - UAT & Compliance checks.

Our dedicated QA team spent weeks combing the system with a dual focus - one, to ensure that the product was compliant with all the guidelines, and two, to ensure product quality and usability.



Once we were confident we created a launch strategy followed by the successful execution of the same. Once the product was live, we were able to receive our HIPAA compliance certification.

The client seamlessly adopted the product into his practice and noticed a tremendous impact immediately. Not only that, with this solution he was finally able to provide a product to all the people in similar positions.

Patient Pass Testimonials
Patient Pass, Office Manager
Patient Pass, Office Manager
Patient Pass, Office Manager

The No-End Relationship07

We continue to support them to this day and during Covid-19 we
even helped implement telemedicine features including

- Live Video Chat Appointments
- Integrated Pharmacies for Medicine Delivery

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