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Smart Glasses System & Solutions

Hidden Brains offers smart glass solutions providing a more immersive user experience. Whether it is consumer applications or AR travel guides, we provide smart eyewear solutions.

Wearable technology is indeed a relevant solution and provides instant, especially technologies such as smart glass or smart eyewear is changing the face of several industries.

Right from accessing critical information, enabling improved productivity and increasing client satisfaction while reducing training requirements. The smart eyewear technology takes interactivity to the next level by leveraging features such as barcode scanning, data retrieval, voice command and augmented reality. Smart glass technology is demonstrating its value in the enterprise.

Enterprise deployments of smart eyewear applications include sales demonstrations, virtual walkthroughs and training & simulations that allow consumers to see products. Get in touch with Hidden Brains team to understand the use of smart glasses in your organization.

Heads Up Display Glasses (HUD)

Head-up display (HUD) shows information– directly in the line of sight. For instance, drivers get warning related to speed and indicator arrows for navigation without looking down to the instrument cluster.

Optical Head-Mounted Display (OHMD)

Optical Head-Mounted Displays (OHMD) is personal information-viewing devices to provide information in a way that no other display can.

Augmented Reality Technology

A view of physical real-world environment with superimposed computer-generated images, revolutionizing the perception of reality.

Industry-Wide Implementation

Video Collaboration

Smart eyewear apps allow effortless video collaboration right from field service check to engineering maintenance & support, and more. This revolutionary smart eyewear technology provides option to work with industry experts from across the globe overcoming geographic barriers.


With the help of smart eyewear devices, manufacturers can streamline entire assembly line process right from real-time process on the plant floor, production, compliance to quality control. Smart eyewear solutions enhance the speed and overall productivity.

Building and Construction

By using smart glasses construction workers experience a safer and more productive hands-free work ecosystem. Structural inspections and errors can also be more accurately held and corrected through remote solutions offered in real-time.

AR Guides

Interactive Augmented Reality guides provide instant access for guests. Tourists can easily find their way through projected navigation directions. Sports personality & athletes can have access to real-time speed, power, distance and other indications.

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