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Best Virtual Reality Headset

Hidden Brains develops engaging apps delivered through a head-mounted wearable display which amalgamates both the physical and digital worlds for a real-time view of surrounding environment combined with an overlay of intelligent virtual objects.

We provide new and engaging apps for meaningful interaction with digital content using combination of technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.

Our solutions for head mounted display helps companies and large enterprise develop solutions that work with their business systems, and can be adapted to meet specific purposes.

With proliferation of new devices and evolution of technology, we help companies gain first mover advantage by experimenting with use cases, innovative apps and even the hardware.

Virtual Reality

We provide innovative apps for virtual reality devices, virtual reality headsets or VR glasses such as such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR.

Augmented Reality

Deliver immersive AR app experience for sophisticated HMD and OHMD to display to display 3D images, perform tracking and utilize advanced input methods.

Mixed Reality

Custom mixed reality and HoloLens software development services right from concept design to prototyping and from engineering to testing.

Industry Wide Applications


Head Mounted Display systems combining computer graphics with natural vision (augmented or modified reality) which can be used in the maintenance of complex systems.

Medicine and Research

HMD applications using predictive visual tracking, as well as a combination of radiographic data to enhance surgeon's natural view of the operation.

Gaming and Video

Develop virtual reality simulations and immersive gaming experiences for head-mounted display and devices.

Training and Simulation

Key use for HMDs is training and facilitating a trainee in a situation that might be dangerous to replicate or expensive.

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