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RockEye – Advanced 3-Dimensional Seismic Visualizer

RockEye is the next-generation software tool that enables visualization of seismic data in both 2D and 3D formats for the oil and gas industry.

RockEye is developed for geologists and geophysicists that are in the search of hydrocarbons in the subsurface.

This is the perfect tool that suffices the specific needs of geologists by speaking in the language of your choice.

RockEye makes it possible to display the complex seismic data to customers in a simple way. Convey your seismic data proposals in an understandable format with this tool.

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Service Offerings

RockEye is a software-enabled solution for oil and gas exploration and production industry. We also help in customizing this tool as per the requirement and preference of the client.

How it

RockEye tool is a smarter way of capturing the entire seismic data and transforming it into an encrypted format. It shows all the details of coverage, position and quality with stunning views and high speed 3D presentations of seismic cubes as large as 750 GB. The end user can visualize the Seismic Cube, investigate the whole Cube derived from RockEye and cut out the area of interest to export it as a new and smaller file for detailed interpretation.

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Visualization ToolRockEye comes with great visualization power helping experts to envisage the data during the interpretation cycle.

User Interface

  • RockEye is designed and developed keeping dynamic controls and menus in consideration.
  • Such flexibility and scalability helps users to define and follow your own workflow, without adhering to a rigid pre-defined set up.

and Annotation

  • RockEye enables users to make drawings and annotations directly to their views.
  • Any sort of drawing or marking done on the actual view is stored as an extra layer until deleted.
  • Users can write message or even mark a point in 2D image view and draw directly onto the selected Pan.

RockShot &

  • Save any view as a RockShot to save time, costs and increased productivity.
  • Save any view of your choice by simply clicking on the RockShot button. This action lets you sample all data to the RockShot.
  • By opening the Timeline for a Project, user may actually see what he saved previously in a thumbnail picture.

Creation of a

  • RockEye allows for the creation of project within a seismic cube or a 2D survey or line.
  • When the SEGY data is loaded to RockEye, it becomes simpler to define the project with ‘Pick & Click’.
  • Each project has its own timeline.

Export a Project
as a new SEGY file

  • Projects created within RockEye can be exported as a new SEGY file.
  • Edit the Text Header of new SEGY file by modifying the original view as per new specifications.


  • All the RockShots from different projects can be edited in a single Presentation Ribbon.
  • Edit the description of the RockShots according to your story line in the presentation Ribbon. Once completed, click on ‘Export’ button to automatically generate a PowerPoint Presentation.
  • These PowerPoint templates can be uploaded as per the design profile of your company.

The trial version is fully functional and offers every
feature of the product for you to evaluate it.


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