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ControlAny brings your imagination to reality by delivering efficient and cost effective IoT based solutions for home automation.

We build smart homes by integrating all the existing devices and appliances to establish an ecosystem connected wirelessly via the Internet.

Our IoT solutions create a profound impact on the quality of lives of users by providing them utmost comfort. Users can control or manage every device and give commands through unified and simplified app. Our advanced automation solution for enterprises helps in connecting people, processes and systems to build better intelligent infrastructure and connected ecosystem.

ControlAny Products

Redefine Your Lifestyle with ControlAny Smart Hub, Smart Switch & Smart Sense.

Smart Hub

Smart Hub

An expandable to integrate any third-party devices as well as other HUBs to offer complete and foolproof automation solutions to its users

Smart Switch

Smart Switch

Use your existing wall switches with minimum wiring modifications to improve your system and make it automated.

Smart Beak

Smart Beak

BEAK currently works with various products, services and Compatible with 500+ Brands, 2000+ Models, 65000+ Commands for different appliances.

ControlAny Solutions

ControlAny has begun to unlock the potential of fully digitized smart home devices to derive information-enabled, efficient, safe, eco-friendly and completely integrated intelligent solutions.

Energy Monitoring

Our IoT product possesses real time energy monitoring capability that helps in efficient utilization of power. Users can view energy reports to know how much energy is consumed every day, during weekends, weekdays and every month.

Comfort & Convenience

ControlAny aims to provide complete comfort and convenience to users by enabling them to manage every device and control it through a smartphone app. We give users the ability to give commands to devices of ecosystem from anytime, anywhere.

Security Automation

All the security devices such as CCTV cameras, sensor alarm and smart doors work in coordination for offering complete and best-in-class security to users. Such automated security helps users in detecting intruder’s entry even while they are away from home.

Infrastructure Automation

ControlAny products are quite accommodating and make the best utilization of existing devices by connecting them together in an ecosystem. Users can experience infrastructure automation by connecting people, processes and systems in a centralized manner.

Entertainment Automation

Users need not purchase new devices in order to experience complete entertainment automation. ControlAny connects and controls devices such as your Blu-Ray players, set top boxes, TV and DVD players to transform their home into a smart home.

Smart Cities

We encourage the idea of connected living with our smart city solutions that gather accurate and real-time information about people, their behavior, traffic and other utilities and use this data to enhance the quality of life of citizens.


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Our clients across the globe recognize our persistence to deliver industry-focused technology solutions, as well as our flexible processes.

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