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DevOps Consulting Services

Hidden Brains understands the needs for a transition from legacy infrastructure to optimized and structured DevOps.

We study the changing business landscapes and influence of disruptive technologies and make organizations realize the need of agile, flexible and scalable IT solutions.

Through DevOps consulting services, we help enterprises move on from traditional project-based implementations to rapid delivery based services.

Hidden Brains offers DevOps solutions that prevent enterprises from working in silos and allow automating and standardizing of several development and operational tasks for continuous improvement. We aim to amalgamate development and operational efforts of businesses to enrich, enhance, improve and streamline processes.

We understand that introducing new technologies is essential for continuous improvements to ensure constantly evolving businesses. Through DevOps consulting services, we help companies overcome the bottleneck of software development to ensure agile delivery.

Configuration Management

Through DevOps architecture, we help in the management of configuration and deployment without any necessity of login to server or facing inconsistencies in environments.

Continuous Delivery

We automate the process of delivering a software package to an environment to ensure its Continuous Delivery in the DevOps architecture.

Continuous Integration

Our DevOps experts redefine the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) workflow through continuous integration process that speed up development and manage processes.

DevOps on AWS

We are AWS consulting partner providing consulting solutions and approaches for implementing DevOps on AWS Cloud architecture for enhanced security.

Monitoring & Logging

In the process of implementing DevOps for streamlined operations, we also undertake monitoring and logging for active maintenance of application and deriving insights.

Domain Expertise

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