When it comes to mobile app development, an idea can literally change the world. Let’s say you have a revolutionary idea, but you don’t have the programming skills. It is important that you focus on improving your customer experience rather than focusing your energies on a non-core business process. In such scenario, partnering with a mobile application development company seems to be a perfect choice.

As of March 2017, there were 2.8 million available apps at Google Play Store and 2.2 billion apps available in the Apple’s App Store, the two leading app stores in the world. Mobile apps are playing an important role in improving global economy. By 2020, mobile apps are forecast to generate around 189 billion U.S. dollars in revenues via app stores and in-app advertising. After its phenomenal success with smartphones and tablets, the future is moving towards a connected world – the Internet of Things platform. Several applications such as wearables, smart car, smart home and smart sensors collect, proceed and transmit data.

The market has rapidly expanded due to users’ demand and availability of developer tools. If you are planning to take your mobile idea to the next level, it is important to choose top mobile application development company.

Here are few pointers to watch out for when selecting a mobile app development company

Know which kind of agency to target

Whether you are a startup or enterprise, it is important to understand which type of mobile app development company to target. Large companies are better equipped to handle complex mobile app development requirements and adhere to budget guidelines. However, large companies could drive the overhead costs.

On the other hand, small companies or freelance developers may come across as a lucrative option in terms of cost. But in the long run, you might invariably end up paying more as smaller companies might run over budget or might not have specialized resources to handle requirements.

Location Matters

Every project demands its own kind of development, so make sure you choose the most appropriate developer for the job at hand. Firms in the US, Canada, and Australia are the most expensive, while India offer the lowest prices. Very often location of the development company or developer is often overlooked. Mobile app development lifecycle involves coordinating schedules and maintaining timelines which is the cornerstone of the success of your project. The lifecycle of an app gets extended when the vendor and the client work in different time zones. Whether you are hiring an mobile development company from India or a company in the next block, it is necessary that you have a smooth platform for communication.

Look for a company interested in strategic development

Remember, it is not just about hiring a mobile app developer or outsourcing to mobile app development company. Your mobile app development company is your strategic technology partner, guiding you through the entire mobile app development process right from planning process, including gathering requirements from stakeholders, UX designing, and the development process.

It is important to look for strategic partner rather than vendors. The company should be able to not only guide you through the process of development, but also provide strategic consulting to achieve business goals.

Know about experience in multiple platforms

Whether it is native or cross platform apps or developing for smartphones, tablets and wearable devices, check the portfolio of mobile apps. A mobile app development agency with expertise in multiple platforms will be able to help you make right business and technology decisions about the kind of app that will serve your clients.

It is important to find a technology partner providing expert mobile app development solutions, giving you the competitive edge and not just another service offering. The idea is to partner with mobile app experts across platforms.

Know your Budget

Once you are aware of your core app functionality, you need to set a budget. The best way is to speak with mobile app development experts and understand the technicalities involved for how much a particular feature will cost.

Searching through the internet will give you different estimates based on the size of the app and the quality of the developer,

  • Simple quality app starts
  • All inclusive and full featured business app
  • Multi-platform apps with backend


The best place to start looking is sites highlighting descriptions of app developers, capabilities, portfolio and reviews of their past work. Examples include Clutch, App Futura, and GoodFirms, and sites such as UpWork.

Once you filter developers based on location, budget and project, you can start contacting the companies with a description of your requirements. This initial conversation will allow you to further filter companies which will align with your goals and objectives.

  1. Quickly run them through questions
  2. Average time development
  3. Resources needed in terms of man-hours
  4. The approximate cost of the project


The answers provided will allow you to finalize companies for final round of negotiations. And further discussions with them will allow you to transform mobile app idea into reality.

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