Translating Languages with Phone's Camera

Google has bought Word Lens’ parent company, Quest Visual, and their first move was making the app free to download. Moreover, most of the major languages have been added to the app since its release and that too, free of cost. It barely appeared conceivable, but the app interpreted various languages continuously simply by using camera of any smartphones. When travelling to a foreign country, Word Lens users need to simply hold their phones’ cameras sign and the camera would instantly translate it.

translating languages via phone's camera

No monetary terms on the acquisition were unveiled. Neither they shared details about the future of Word Lens, except the website which says, the app and language packs would be “free to download for a limited time,” while the Quest Visual team transitions to Google. Individual language packs previously used to cost $3 each.

Instantly translate printed words from one language to another with built-in video camera, in real time! Use Word Lens on vacation, business travel, and just for fun. Right now the app is mostly useful if you are looking to get the gist of something like a dish on a menu or what a road sign says. Currently, users can translate between English and Portuguese, German, Italian, French, Russian, and Spanish.

Word Lens is truly one of the killer apps for mobile, and it should be a staple on every phone. iPhone users can translate the world. Apple also featured the app in its recent “Powerful” television ad for the iPhone 5s. The icing on the cake is, it doesn’t require a connection to the internet, which is another benefit for business travelers.

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