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The tower defense games have been an acquired taste among the players since a long time. These games revolve around the same basic concept of fighting against the enemies to defend your tower. Whether you are a true fan or you are just curious about these games, read the article to know about some of the most interesting tower defense games for iPhone users.

Fieldrunners HD

Fieldrunners HD is an amazing tower defense game developed by Subatomic Studios. It requires the player to do much more than just cleverly defending and upgrading the towers. Also, the player has to sculpt a maze to impede the passage of the opponents. The graphics are cartoonish and cute. There are numerous defense weapons like guns, missiles, and “slow towers” included in the game. The game starts in a Classic mode, where the player has to face 100 consecutive waves of enemies. Initially only one map is available, but once 50 waves on the map are defeated, the next map opens. 100 waves must be survived to ‘win’ the map and unlock other (Extended and Endless) game modes.

Sentinel 3

It is a sci-fi tower defense game by Origin8 technologies. In this game, the player poses as a commander of the dropship Sentinel who has to combat waves of enemies to defend his base from destruction. The enemy units must take down barriers before they gain access to the player’s base. Once the barrier taken down, the mission will end in failure. Players get rewarded with coins and experience points at the end of each mission. These coins can be used to unlock turret slots to be used later in the battle. The experience points can be used to upgrade the commander unit by increasing stats like attack, damage and health.

Plants vs. Zombies

The concept of the game is very simple; the player has to use the plants to attack zombies and prevent them from reaching his front door. Conventional turrets and weapons are replaced by vegetation like pea shooters, cherry bombs, wall-nuts, venus flytraps and more. The zombies also have got the power of pogo sticks, bucket-heads, pole-vaulters and many other such things. The game offers 50 levels across 5 settings including day, night fog, rooftop and swimming pool.

Though often criticized as repetitive, fans of the genre know that these games are truly addictive. Download these games and check whether they are worth it or not. If not satisfied, you may also hire  iPhone game developers to develop a tower defense game exclusively for you.

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