Free Social Networking Apps

Technology is not only influencing on the various arenas of our environment but also transforming the different aspects of our lives. It has driven a great social revolution bringing us the ton of new ways to connect, interact, communicate and share our emotions, feelings, photos and what not.

Moreover, with the help of mobile phones, people are more often interacting and sharing. To make it happen, different types of apps are also available. Among them, social networking apps are the most popular. In this blog, we have listed the best five free apps for your social media interactions from our editor's desk. Let's review one by one.


It is an interesting app that helps you to collect and organize images that you love. This exceptional app assists you to discover your inspiration and share it with others. Pinterest app allows you to organize and share things you love around the web.


• Pin images from around the web
• Discover your interested pins and boards on the web
• Get inspiration from Recipes, DIY, Crafts,Travel and other categories

Find My Friends

The most accurate app for finding a friend in your location. With the latest GPS technology, it enables you to see friends on your personal map, so you can physically connect with them, whenever they are nearby. Keeping track of the family at a concert, meeting up your friends at party or picking up the guest at the airport – are the things that Find My Friends app does for you.


• Locate friends and family easily
• Sharing option
s for temporary purposes
• Location-based alerts (requires iOS 6)
• Privacy controls
• Parental restrictions

King of Cool

This app helps you to share all the cool things with your friends around the world. Help you rate COOL or NOT COOL  any product, service, restaurant, movie, experience or adventure; you have explored. Before buying a product, you can check the cool ratings from your friends. If going on holidays, check what your friends, users, or gurus have rated that place - Cool or Not Cool.


  • It's global as you can share the cool ratings with your friend
  • Go local to find the places, which have been rated “Cool” around you
  • Invite everyone on your contact list to join you on this app to go viral
  • Be everything - a user, a friend, a guru, with this cool app


An all-in-one social networking app, and a winner of Appy Awards 2013, Tango is your complete mobile communication solution. With over 100 million users around the world, Tango is impressive and the best app for both audio and video chat with your friends from your PC. It allows you to connect with your friends via their mobile phones, similar to Skype and WhatsApp Messenger.


  • Automatically finds your friends
  • Highest quality video calls on mobile
  • Send text messages, pictures & video, audio & video messages
  • Engage in fun games together during a call
  • Personalize your calls and messages by fun animations


Want to keep your social network limited to close friends and family? Download Path as it helps you get close with your family and friends. The new version Path 3 allows you to connect instantly through private messages and stickers. Loved by millions of users, Path enables you to use your words, voice, location, media, and more, for the faster updates and interactions.


  • Handcrafted stickers from favorite artists to say more in a single tap
  • Get premium photo filters and handcrafted stickers on the hand curated place
  • Customize your captured photos and videos with Path exclusive features
  • Journal your thoughts; anywhere - anytime, and check in to places with friends.
  • Share the music you're listening to, the movies you're watching, and the books you're reading.
  • Rediscover memories on Path by season, holidays, weather, dates, people, places, birthdays, nearby, and more.

This is just a finite list of the free social networking apps from our editorial desk. There are thousands of other apps available in the market. Still, if you think, you want a custom social networking app as specific as your social needs, then hiring a mobile app developer can make your dream come true.

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