Samsung Tab 3 for Kids
These days, everyone wants to be tech-savvy and updated with the latest technology. Let it be the youngsters or even the older people. So, if a granny can use smartphones or tablets then why not the younger kids? Well, it seems that Samsung has already thought about this. The South Korean tech giant has recently announced a new addition to its Galaxy series of tablets. The upcoming tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 for Kids is meant exclusively for the tiny tots.

The tablet has a banana-yellow form factor with a rugged body perfect for the kids. It sports a 7 inch WSVGA TFT screen  with a resolution of 1024 x 600 and 170 ppi pixel density. It runs on Android Jelly bean platform and gets the power from a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor.

There will be a 1.3MP camera on the front and a 3MP camera at the back. For connectivity, it has a dual-band Wireless N connectivity (WiFi Channel bonding, WiFi Direct), Bluetooth 3.0, a micro USB 2.0 port, a micro SD card slot. The card slot supports up to 32 GB of storage and it already has 8 GB of internal storage. The device will be packed with a standard Li-ion 4,000 mAh battery.

The tablet will be accompanied with an optional orange colored 'Kids Case' featuring a child-friendly grip and multiple stand options. The case will also be  equipped with an easy-to-grip C Pen that will make writing and drawing much easier. The tab also includes a Time Management feature that allows parents to set specific time period for use. When the designated use time is up, a password protected lock screen will appear. So the parent or adult will have to enter the password to unlock the device.

This will help the parents to make sure that the kid doesn't over-use the gadget.  It will come pre-loaded with a brand new Kid's Store focused on educational and fun apps. Additional pre-loaded content will include educational, games, entertainment and e-book apps. The parents will be able to select the apps they want their kids to have access to through the Application Manager of the tab.

Whatever be the specs and features, one question that will definitely be raised is that 'Does a child really need a tablet?' A few years ago, the answer would definitely had been 'No'. But times have changed. And, this tablet can prove to be an excellent educational tool for the kids and it could help them in a faster and easier way.

The device is expected to arrive in Korea this September, followed by China, Europe, U.S., Africa, South America and South East Asia. Any updates regarding the price of the device is not available yet. However, it is expected to be around the $200, just like the original Galaxy Tab 3. Hopefully, they may also slash the price for kids.

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